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Hello, we’re Ocushield and we love your eyes. 

In fact, we love them so much we decided to create the first and only medically approved blue light filtering products.
What’s blue light we hear you ask? It’s the harmful light that is produced by digital devices such as phones and TVs - and even comes from unsuspecting sources, like lightbulbs.  Why’s it bad? Not only does it leave you with headaches, dry eyes and feeling tired with Zoom fatigue - but it also can affect your sleep and damage your eyes over time.
That’s where we come in! Developed by optometrists and sleep therapists, our products filter harmful blue light, so that you can start feeling better, sleeping better and getting more done. From phone, iPad and laptop covers, to glasses and lamps - we've got something to keep those peepers protected.
With over 100,000 units sold in 70 countries, we’re available in Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, Nordstrom and many more. We’ve also caught the eye of Forbes, Wall St Journal, Vogue, Glamour and beyond. 
Join our affiliate programme to earn up to 15% on any orders made and help people to lead a healthier life with technology! 
Content Publishers: 15%

Influencers: 15%

Ocushield are currently not working with voucher code sites and cashback sites.

Please feel free to contact Julie Wood from Searlco.com via email Julie.wood@searlco.net for any promotional opportunities.

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