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Adtraction’s payment process for affiliates

We often receive questions about our payment process. This guide explains the timeframe for commission payments from when a sale has been made until the money is in your bank account.

Adtraction’s payment process

We’ll take you through the payment process below using a specific example of an affiliate called Pelle.

1. Sale completed

In order for the payment process to get going a sale is required.

In our example a sale through Pelle’s tracking link has been completed the 13th of September for Advertiser X. On the same date he also receives a transaction for Advertiser Y.

2. Pending sale approval

In order for a commission to be paid out the sale needs to be approved and later also invoiced to the advertiser.

Pelle’s sale is confirmed by the advertiser X the 25th of September. Advertiser Y confirmed the transaction on the 16th of October.

Note that some advertisers approve sales up to 45 days after it has been completed.

3. Advertiser is invoiced for confirmed transactions

When all transactions for a given month are confirmed Adtraction invoices the Advertiser.

a) Advertiser X is invoiced on the 1st of October for the confirmed transaction.

b) Advertiser Y is invoiced on the 1st of November for the confirmed transaction.

4. Payment specification is created

The payment specification is created the 15th to follow from when the advertiser has been invoiced for the transaction. See two different scenarios below.

a) The transaction of Advertiser X will be included on a payment specification created the 15th of October.

b) The transaction of Advertiser Y will be included on a payment specification created the 15th of November.

5. Payment sent by bank transfer

Depending on your bank you will receive the money from the 10th and two working days after.

a) The transaction of Advertiser X will be paid on the 10th of November.

b) The transaction of Advertiser Y will be paid on the 10th of December.

Why haven’t I received my payment?

Please ensure that you have filled in all the necessary information in your Adtraction account. This is required in order for us to complete the payment.

The minimum commission you need on your Adtraction account is 10 GBP. Payments will not be created until you are above these levels.

If you have other questions related to your payment please reach out to us using our chat or at

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