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Affiliate marketing guide for bloggers

Curious how to earn money on your blog? Get started with affiliate marketing with our affiliate marketing guide for bloggers.

Feel free to skip the next two sections if you are already registered as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting products of other companies. Once you have found a product you like and promote it to your blog readers, you earn a commission for each sale you make.

Read more about affiliate marketing in our previous post «What is affiliate marketing?».

Getting started

In order to get started, you have to..

1. Register an account and add your blog URL. Make sure to add your channel as «Other».

2. Choose with which brands you want to work and apply for their program. Program applications are usually processed within 24 hours, but in some cases, it might take a little longer.

3. Once your application is processed and you have found a suitable product to promote, retrieve tracking links from our system and include them in your blog content. The tracking link enables Adtraction to track conversions from your followers and further generate a commission when your marketing has led to a sale.


Gain better results by capturing your visitors’ attention with relevant topic. If you tend to write about specific topics, complement it with tracking to related products. Being consistent is key in building a brand. Stick to your readers expectations and promote products that might be of interest to them. Typical posts that can include affiliate links are top lists, recommendations, product tests, product comparisons, purchase guides and inspirational posts on how products can be combined. 

Promote well known brands

The more well known a brand is, the more likely it is to sell. Adtraction has plenty of strong brands you can promote. Find the selection in your local market under «Our Advertisers» on the frontpage.

Adding the link

We have written a separate post on how to retrieve tracking links, find the post here.

Collage maker

Use Adtraction’s collage maker to create collages with high quality, clickable images directly from our advertisers. Find the tool under «Tools» in the interface. Collages can be neatly used both for top lists, product comparisons, purchase guides and posts showing product combinations.

Sponsored products

The traditional affiliate model does not include sponsored products. However, you might already own products that are sold by our advertisers. As an example, you might have a favourite beauty product? Check whether our advertisers within health and beauty sell it.

Influencer pushes

During an influencer push, you receive higher commission over a certain time period. Watch out and use these opportunities to promote extra in order to increase your earnings.

If you are connected to an advertiser having an influencer push, you will receive a system message informing about it. Make sure to tick the box that allows Adtraction to send you these and other important updates about the advertisers you choose to work with.

Advertising policies for blogs

Make sure to follow your local advertising policies. 

We hope that this online guide can be helpful in getting you started with affiliate marketing. Feel free to contact us at if you have questions or other things you would like to have included in the guide.

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