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Earn money on Youtube with affiliate marketing

Would you like to monetize on your Youtube channel? Our guide provides tips and tricks you can use to get started with affiliate marketing on Youtube.

You can skip the next two sections if you are already familiar with Adtraction and affiliate marketing.

A short introduction to affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy that allows you to earn a commission through product promotions. For each sale you make, you earn a commission. Adtraction serves as the link between you and advertisers, tracking sales and administering payments.

Learn more about affiliate marketing in our previous post «What is affiliate marketing?».

Getting started with affiliate marketing on your Youtube channel

In order to get started, you have to..

1. Register an account and add the URL to your Youtube channel. Your channel should be added as «Other».

2. Choose with which brands you want to work and apply for their program. Program applications are normally processed within 24 hours, but in some cases, it might take longer.

3. Once your application is processed and you have found a suitable product to promote, retrieve tracking links from our system and include them in your video description at Youtube. The tracking link enables Adtraction to track conversions from those who click your link and further generate a commission when your marketing efforts lead to a sale.

Story and consistency

Equipment and tools are useless without a story. Be consistent in the sort of content you post. Travelling? Beauty and makeup? Gaming? Humour? Good, as long as you meet the expectations of your subscribers. Consider to make a content plan to make it easier to stick to your chosen topics. Note down any good ideas you come up with and incorporate them in your forthcoming plan.

Promoting products in videos

The traditional affiliate model does not include sponsored products. However, you might already use products in your videos that are sold by our advertisers.

A recommendation is to promote products from an advertiser related to the content you normally share. Do you share videos within beauty and makeup? Find an advertiser that sells the products you used in your latest makeup tutorial and promote them. Does your channel concern sports and outdoor activities? Find an advertiser that sells the backpack you use for day hikes. Fashion and clothing? Find advertisers that sell the clothes you wear in your latest outfit video. Anything related to the video can be linked, be it the equipment you use, the clothes you wear or the products you talk about.

Adding affiliate links at Youtube

Once you’ve found a product to promote in your video, you can retrieve tracking links from our system or your browser. Tracking links should be placed in the description in your Youtube video. We’ve added an example for you to see below. Make sure to let your followers know that the products from the video are linked in the description.

The link can be made less overwhelming with link shortening tools like,, or As an example, the original link can be changed from this

to this:

Stay updated on campaigns and influencer pushes

In order to increase the likelihood of conversion, it is important to stay updated on offers and campaigns from the advertisers you promote. Adtraction always «stays on top» of upcoming campaigns, and these can be found in our system at any time. Make sure that you have enabled receiving emails from us, in case we send out especially good campaigns.

Also watch out for influencer pushes. During an influencer push, you as an influencer receive higher commission from a certain advertiser. Use these opportunities to promote extra in order to increase your earnings.

System messages are sent out to inform about influencer pushes at programs you are connected to. Again, make sure to tick the box that allows Adtraction to send you these and other important updates about the advertisers you choose to work with.

Advertising policies

Make sure to follow your local advertising policies. 

We hope these few steps will enable you to get started with affiliate marketing on Youtube. Not registered as an affiliate? Visit our registration to get started at Adtraction.

Feel free to drop us an email if there are other things you would like to have included in the guide.

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