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Five common mistakes made by new affiliate marketers

If you have considered to start being an affiliate, you have probably wondered how to create an effective site with a high conversion rate. It can take time to test in order to see what is working and what does not, but we have listed a few common mistakes that should be avoided.

Prioritising ads over content

A common mistake made by many affiliates is to create a site and add ads rather than content. Sites that lack unique content will have a hard time driving traffic and are hence hard to earn money with. 

It is recommended to have 350 words at a minimum at each page on your site. Keep in mind that the content should be unique, engaging and entertaining or informative. Make sure that texts are optimized both for visitors and search engines. 

Optimising for the wrong keywords

Another common mistake made by many new affiliate marketers is that they optimise their website for the wrong keywords. This can be words for which there is little or no traffic, or high competition keywords. Make use of Google's Keyword planner to see which keywords drive traffic and how high competition is for the different ones. 

Do not try to optimise one page for several different keywords, this makes it hard to rank for any of them. Instead, use synonyms and inflections of the most important keyword. 

Not using images

Not only are images good for conveying a message, when used appropriately they can even rank well in search engines for images. Using nice images can therefore drive even more traffic to your site. Also, when sharing the post it will look nicer once you have included an image. 

Having to many or irrelevant ads 

Too many ads can make a page look messy and leave it hard to navigate. 

It is better to find a few advertisers that sell products that are relevant for your audience and stick to these. Test different ones to see which advertisers your visitors are interested in. 

Placing too many ads at the wrong places

Google punishes sites that have too many ads too far up on their site. Place the ads in logic places at the site. 

Having banner ads in the side menu works for certain sites, but text links normally drive more traffic. Write about the product in your content, explain how and why to use it, and add tracking links. 

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