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Get started with the Adtraction API

The following guide will help you to kick start using our API.

API documentation:

API stands for Application Program Interface meaning that you may interact with Adtraction affiliate network using a set of endpoints without the need to use our platform graphic user interface. As an Affiliate or Advertiser you may create your own applications and automate tasks or reports with statistics that are crucial for your business.

Our brand new API V2 was created to deliver you data and provide a comfortable, intuitive connectivity right at your fingertips.

In order to get started you will need to find or generate your unique API access token that you can find right inside your Affiliate or Advertiser account:

For affiliates

Account → Settings → API token

For Advertisers

Account → API

After this you may start using all of our available endpoints.

At you will find all required information with examples, console test tools, input and response attributes.

Endpoints for Affiliates:

Endpoints for Advertisers:


Q: What are the limits for API, do you have any?

A: Yes, our API limits are based on quotas / calls per minute. Most of our endpoints have 30 quotas per minute but some are limited to 10 quotas per minute due high load of requests. You can always consult your limits inside the response header.

Q: What is the format of response and what content type is accepted?

A: All responses are in JSON format and we accept JSON.

Q: What are the supported request methods?

A: Each endpoint is restricted to specific request method. Pay special attention to this as otherwise you would get a 405 error. You can always consult the endpoint method inside our documentation right at the beginning of the endpoint URL.

API documentation:

If you have any questions regarding the API, feel free to contact our team at

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