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Three effective ways to increase your conversion

A key ingredient in performance based marketing is to turn website visitors to become purchasing customers of the products or services that are promoted. This means to increase the conversion rate. Below are three simple, yet effective methods that are often used.


A personal recommendation is one of the most efficient ways to sell a product or service, given that your visitors trust what you write. Explain how a product or service has worked well for you. Write in an honest and enthusiastic manner, and explain the benefits of the product, rather than its function. However, be careful about what you recommend. Writing a recommendation only for the money can decrease your trustworthiness in the long run.


Teaching your visitor how a product or service is used can make the visitor more comfortable, and as a result, more disposed to make a purchase. Videos can be effective in showing how products or services are used. With advantage, guides can be about broad topics, in order to allow for the marketing of related products.

Vouchers and campaigns

Offering your visitors vouchers or unique campaigns can be an effective in making a product or service more attractive. Normally, a compensation or extra product is offered if they undertake a purchase via your website. In order to increase the effectiveness additionally, the voucher or campaign can be mentioned in relation to a personal recommendation of the product. Receiving something of value, is often considered valuable by the visitor.

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