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What is a cleanlink and how is it used?

Want to save time using cleanlinks? We’ll teach you how to do it in our guide.

Cleanlink is an Adtraction technology that allows you to automatically capture all clicks that go out from your site to an advertiser that your channel is approved for within the Adtraction system.

Working with cleanlinks can save you a lot of time as you don’t have to worry about generating individual tracking links every time you want to add content to your site.

Another benefit of cleanlinks is that your links will look like they point directly to the Advertiser. This will leave the look of your site cleaner and more trustworthy.

Get started with cleanlinks

Cleanlink is activated by implementing your channel’s cleanlink script site-wide on your domain. You can find your channels specific cleanlink script if you browse to any ad in the Adtraction system while choosing cleanlink as code type when generating the tracking code.

The script in the bottom is to be implemented site-wide before the closing </body> tag.

This will make sure that any link that is pointed towards an Adtraction advertiser which your channel is approved for will be picked up and sent through the Adtraction tracking server.

If your site is built using Wordpress, make sure to check out our Wordpress cleanlink plugin using the below guide:

  1. Download our Adtraction Cleanlink Plugin
  2. Install and activate the plugin on your site by clicking «Plugins» and «Add new plugin»
  3. Go to settings and click «Adtraction Cleanlink»
  4. Paste the cleanlink script that you collected from the Adtraction system and click save

Always make sure to verify that the clicks are registering in your account when working with cleanlink. If you are uncertain about this, don’t hesitate to write to our support for help with this.

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