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What is a deep link and how to create one?

The title speaks for itself: this post explains what deep links are and how they can be created and used.

Rather than sending your visitor to the home page of an online store, you can direct the visitor to a specific product at a particular landing page. In other words, «deep» refers to the depth of a page in the hierarchical structure of the different landing pages on a website. As the home page is considered the «top page» in the hierarchy any other landing page at the same website can be considered «deep».

The reason to use deep links rather than general tracking links is that the probability of conversion is ultimately increasing as you decrease the effort for your visitor to find the product.

There are two different ways in which you can create deep links; either in the system or using our Chrome extension.

Adtraction Chrome Extension

We recently introduced a Google Chrome extension that enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser.

1. Download Adtraction’s Google Chrome extension
2. Log in to the plugin using your Adtraction account
3. Visit the website of an advertiser you want to promote
4. Go to the landing page of a specific product and retrieve your unique tracking link directly in the browser

A green, blinking light will appear as soon as you are on the website of any Adtraction advertiser. It even allows you to directly apply for a program!

Get a deep link from Adtraction’s system

1. Go to «Advertisers» in the menu on the left hand side
2. Click «My Advertisers»
3. Choose the advertiser to which you want to create a deep link
4. Find «Create custom link»

6. If you have more than one channel, choose which one you would like to link from
7. Choose if you want to add the link as a URL or as an HTML code
8. Paste the URL link to the product you want to promote
9. Click «Get tracking code»

Depending on your previous choice (URL or HTML) a new link will appear. Your deep link is ready for usage!

Did you know? We recently introduced a short link generator directly in our system. Create shorter and less overwhelming tracking links by simply choosing «Short link» when retrieving your tracking link. The generated link is ready to use!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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