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What is EPI and how does it work?

This guide will explain and demonstrate how you can work with Adtraction’s EPI, or sub-ID function.

EPI is a parameter in Adtraction’s tracking links. The parameter allows you to send data into Adtraction’s system. The data is further connected to the conversions that take place through this specific link.

The most common use case for working with EPI’s is to follow up performance on specific links or being able to attribute sales to specific users.

This is how you add an EPI to an Adtraction link:

  • EPI can be max 128 letters and can only be used in HTML and regular URL links.
  • If you deeplink the URL parameter has to be placed last as shown below.
  • If you forget adding EPI when creating a short link it can be added later on, example:
  • EPI can be used with Adtraction's Cleanlink technology, example:

EPI is also available in the Adtraction API as well as a token in our callback functionality.

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