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Creditti Affiliate Program


Creditti is a new financial service concept for the Scandinavian market where you can calculate your own personal credit score within 2 minutes and see just how credit worthy you are.

The higher the score the more likely it would be for you to be granted to for instance a new loan, getting current loans refinanced etc.
Your credit score is calculated instantly and based on your score, you will be presented for a few, personalized loan offers, which suits your individual needs.

The aim with Creditti is to better help consumers in relation to the economic choices they have to make during their lives, including loans, home loans, household budgets and more.
Creditti will be a platform that helps shed light on users' credit rating through an intelligent credit score service. As part of this service, it is also intended to inform consumers how they can find savings in relation to their fixed expenses.

Why should you run this campaign:

• Simple application form and instant response on conversion
• High conversion rates
• Conversion-optimized websites which is updated regularly
• Marketing material (banners, e-mail texts, etc.) is updated frequently
• Almost no marketing restrictions
• New concept never seen before


Payout per completed credit score that fulfills the following requirements:
• Between 18 to 75 years
• The user resides in Denmark


There will be a validation of leads at the end of the months where “Donald duck”-leads, fraud leads and duplicates will be deleted. This includes:

• Bot leads
• Several leads from the same IP address
• Users who have not signed up
• False contact information, such as:
• Phone number and email address does not match
• False contact info where its not possible to contact the user
• Duplicates: The user has done a credit score within the last 30 days


General campaign rules:

• It is not allowed to change advertising material or text without explicit permission.
• Surveys/questionnaires and bonus/cash back/reward-programs of any kind is forbidden
• It is prohibited to expose the campaign with a content (or in a context) that can be considered as having an erotic, pornographic, offending, misleading, racist, illegal or violent character

Allowed channels/marketing methods:

E-mail: Yes
SMS: Yes
Social Media: Yes
Direct linking: Yes
Brand bidding: No
Cashback: No
Surveys: No
Geotargeting: No

E-mail & SMS marketing requirements:

• There must be an active and clearly visible unsubscribe link.
• It must be clear who the sender of the newsletter/sms is (company name and contact email)
• It is strictly forbidden to indicate through graphics, sender address or subject, that Creditti is the sender of the offer.
• Publishers must be able to provide documentation all its subscribers (Timestamp, IP, link, site, etc.)
• Required text for newsletters: “Dette nyhedsbrev er ikke sent fra Creditti, men en kommerciel samarbejdspartner." (This newsletter is NOT sent from Creditti, but from one of their marketing partners.)

Rules for SEM and Content/ad networks:

Direct linking from search engines and content/ad networks of any kind is forbidden

Regarding indirect traffic from search engines and content/ad networks:

• Bid on brand names and variations hereof is forbidden, including misspellings and brand name in combination with other words
• Brand names shall be defined as negative search words in broad match
• Brand names in advertising text material is forbidden, domains included
• Use of the advertisers brand name in any kind of search advertising and text material is forbidden
• These rules applies to all search engines and content/ad networks, including (but not limited to):
• Google Search Network
• Google Content Network
• YSM Search Network

These rules are always valid unless other is specified on the campaign.

Email text:

Beregn din kreditscore online, helt gratis
Nu kan du beregne en kreditscore online, der giver dig svar på hvad du kan låne og hvor robust din økonomi er. Du vil få at vide hvor kreditværdig du er i bankernes øjne, og måske tips til hvordan du kan forbedre din økonomi.

Det tager kun 2 minutter 

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 2.  Ansøg affiliate progammet Creditti. Din ansøgning bliver normalt behandlet inden for 24 timer.

3. Link til Creditti fra din blog, hjemmeside, profil eller SoMe kanal.

4. Få kommission når andre klikker på dine links og fører til et salg.

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