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Monki FI kumppanuusohjelma

Welcome to Monki affiliate program!

Monki is a storytelling brand that offers great fashion primarily to young women (but hey, everyone’s welcome) all over Europe, Russia and Asia.

We want to empower young women through an engaging and sustainable brand experience. Using our place on the high street (literally and online) to take a stand for equality, diversity and an inclusive experience matters to us.

Our fashion: we draw inspiration from our community and in turn inspire them by offering an outstanding fashion mix rooted in Scandi cool, Asian street style and global denim trends.

Join our affiliate community that helps us spread our message of expression, inclusivity and great fashion. The Monki affiliate programme works on a basis of a shared love of fashion and common values: to us, content comes first. Our aim is great fashion content and a true brand-publisher relationship.

You can promote Monki by featuring our quality content on your website and/or social media channels by accessing our data feed, banners and links.

Program Benefits
•    A base 8% commission on net sales, including sale items
•    30 return days
•    30 days cookie lenght
•    Access to promotions and creative banners


All influencers receive 12% premium commission on net sales.

Voucher & cashback

Voucher and cashback affiliates are not allowed in the program.

Website information and data feeds are available in English

Order value

The order value will be converted from euro to local currency so there can be some small variations in the order value. What Adtraction tracks is what will be used to base commissions to affiliates on.

Monki reports upon shipment which means transaction date  you see in reporting is actually the date the order is dispatched, not the date the purchase took place.


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