How an affiliate network works

Affiliate marketing is digital, performance based marketing

With an easy to use platform, total transparency, and the market's best service and support, Adtraction matches advertisers who want to boost their sales with relevant affiliates who want to earn money advertising products and brands. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works

  1. Affiliate types

    Affiliate links to one of our advertisers.

  2. Arrow next

    Visitor clicks
    on the link.

  3. Advertiser shopping cart

    Visitor purchases
    from the advertiser.

  4. Arrow next

    Purchase is tracked
    by Adtraction.

  5. Recieves money

    Affiliate receives commission.

The parties involved


Affiliates use their channels to promote advertisers and earn commission when sales occur. The term affiliate includes any kind of website, channel or profile owner with an audience. As long as a person owns or administers an online site, channel or profile where tracking links can be shared, he or she can be an affiliate. Find a number of typical affiliates listed below:

  • Blogs and Instagram profiles
  • Shopping sites
  • Price comparison sites
  • Content sites
  • Voucher sites
  • Cashback and loyalty concepts
  • E-mail newsletters
Become an affiliate


We help our advertisers boost sales through online exposure and advertising. Advertisers receive high quality traffic from our affiliates and pay only for conversions. We work with a broad range of brands and product categories within e-Commerce and Finance. Any business that sells goods or services online and meets the following guidelines could be an Adtraction advertiser:

  • B2C businesses 
  • Established and have been in business for at least 12 months
  • Generating at minimum of EUR 500 000 in annual online sales

Note that the above criteria apply as a general basis, we will always use our experience to evaluate each advertiser manually. 

Do you recognize your business in the above description and want to learn more about advertising with us?

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Frequently asked questions

Any questions? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Adtraction's affiliate network and how to get started making money as an affiliate. If you have questions that are not answered below, you are always welcome to contact

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