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Polaris Finans NO affiliate program

Polaris Finans offers refinancing on up to 500.000 kr. With only one application Polaris Finans will send the application to up to 16 banks that will make their offers. In this way the applicant will get the best loan offer suited for their individual needs and economy.

The loans are suitable for especially refinance, but also the purchase of goods, health payments, travel and hobby expenses and any other unexpected expenses.


Simple application form and instant response on payout
High conversion rates and EPC levels
Conversion-optimized websites which is updated regularly
Marketing material (banners, e-mail texts, etc.) is updated often
First WL for this client 
Possibility to exchange data and get feedback on your traffic
Above normal marketing restrictions

Laveste nominelle rente 6,5 %. Høyeste rente 22 %


You will get paid pr. Application that meets min. requirements:

- Earn above 250 000,- NOK
- Over 25 years old
- Do not live with parents
- No credit remarks
- Not on long sick leave
- Not a student
- Not applied for the campaign last 30 days
- Norwegian citizenship  


Duplicated applications already in the client's system will be rejected automatically.

With regular traffic no deletions are to be expected.


E-mail: Limited (Only approved publishers/channels)
SMS: No 
Social Media: No
Direct linking: No
Brand Bidding: No
Cashback: No 
Surveys: No 
Geotargeting: No


All marketing of Polaris Finans is to be compliant to good marketing practices and regulations according to the Marketing act. Marketing of consumer credit must also be in accordance with the regulations here.

When marketing Polaris Finans it should NOT be emphasized:
How quickly the credit can be given
How quickly you can expect an answer on your application
That it is easy to get credit
That the application process is easy
That the credit is easily available in any other ways


There must be an active and clearly visible unsubscribe link in the email.

It must be clear who the sender of the newsletter is (company name and contact email) It is strictly forbidden to indicate through graphics, sender address or subject, that Polaris Finans or Aconto is the sender of the offer!! Publishers must be able to provide documentation all its subscribers (Timestamp, IP, survey link and site, etc.)


Required text for all marketing:
Låneeksempel: 65.000/over 5 år, nominell rente 12,86%, effektiv rente 14,18%. Totalt 89.400,- , Kost 21.400,-


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