Grow your business with partners and pay for performance

Find the right partners to increase sales and grow your business. We work on a performance based set-up where you only pay for sales. Our team sets up partner programs for success, and we optimise your program at no additional cost.

Get access to relevant marketing partners

Finding the right sales channels is essential to reach your audience and increase sales.

With Adtraction, you get access to relevant marketing partners. Our platform connects you with a diverse range of partners, ranging from content sites, influencers, cashback platforms, mobile apps and comparison sites. With a performance-based setup, all partners work with a united intention of driving quality, converting traffic to your website, and you only pay for sales.

Benefit from a full-service platform

We take responsibility for the success of your partner program. We are there to optimise your program, recruit partners and handle technical support.

We support a broad range of businesses, from those who are new to partner marketing to mature brands that have had partners as a vital part of their business strategy for years. With a long history in the industry, our experienced team will set you up for success regardless of your starting point.

More about our services

Trusted by leading brands of all sizes

Advertisers at Adtraction are leading brands who embrace partners as a vital part of their business strategy and online presence.

  • Kitlocker has been working with Adtraction since 2019. Their team has helped us to build a number of new partnerships to deliver sales and brand visibility. Adtraction have also supported us to run some unique campaigns with partners that have a relevant audience of sports teams and clubs, which culminated in Kitlocker winning a Performance Marketing Award for Best Brand Engagement Campaign in 2023.
    Alex Hodson E-commerce Manager at Kitlocker
  • Adtraction has allowed Fuel to introduce a host of e-commerce clients into the affiliate space in a straight-forward and really efficient way. Integrations tend to be very quick and any new challenges that our clients have presented have been resolved by the experienced team.
    Severiano Catindig-Stagg Director at Fuel Performance Marketing
  • I went to various competitors of Adtraction and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Adtaction cuts through the jargon and looks at what you are trying to achieve and genuinely works with you. They feel like part of your company, and they care and help you.
    Louise Miller

We are launching the
E-commerce Insights Report

Our quarterly insights report offers a pulse check on the European e-commerce industry, with key insights into category variations, consumer shopping habits, and device usage trends within online shopping.

Each edition of the report features commentary from three of Adtraction’s markets, with the aim of providing local perspectives on evolving trends and regional market dynamics. 

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Simplify and strengthen your partnerships

Online visibility

While technology is evolving at a pace faster than ever before, the importance of online visibility remains as high as ever. Finding the right sales partners, measuring return on marketing activity and managing partnerships efficiently are keys to online growth.

Grow online sales

With roots in affiliate marketing and significant experience from the industry, our goal is to help your brand sell more and manage your marketing budget efficiently. Our platform gives you access to thousands of partners. We help you identify partnerships that grow your online sales and deliver value to your business.

Relevant marketing channels

Working with partners enables reach across the internet that you won’t find through any other marketing channel. Partners come in all shapes and sizes from the world’s largest media publishers to social media influencers, discount portals, loyalty platforms and comparison sites.

Full-service offering

Minimise risk and maximise return with a performance based set-up where you only pay for completed sales. Our localised and knowledgeable service, combining program optimisation with partnership management is included at no additional cost.