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Reach new customers with brand-to-brand partnerships

Brand-to-brand partnerships are mutually beneficial collaborations where two or more non-competing brands partner and share customer bases. With Adtraction Plus, it is easy to set-up brand-to-brand partnerships.

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Brand-to-brand partnerships made easy

Brands are continuously looking for new ways to scale their marketing efforts and drive more sales. The partnership channel embodies multiple opportunities, with brand-to-brand partnerships being one of them.

Adtraction Plus lets advertisers reach new customers by building partnerships with other non-competing retailers connected to Adtraction's platform.

Why work with brand-to-brand partnerships and Adtraction Plus?

New customers

Adtraction Plus helps brands reach new customers from relevant target groups from non-competing brands. The new traffic source allows advertisers to target new customers they otherwise would not reach.

Customer loyalty

Adtraction Plus lets brands reward their customers with valuable discounts and offers from other non-competing brands. This adds value to the customer’s journey and leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

Program growth

Adtraction Plus provides brands with a completely new traffic source and is a top partner for the majority of advertisers running it. The product allows advertisers to grow their program.

What advertisers say about Adtraction Plus

Many advertisers at Adtraction have embraced Adtraction Plus and brand-to-brand partnerships to scale their marketing efforts.

  • Adtraction Plus makes our daily work a lot easier. The tool allows us to introduce Nextory to partners and customers that otherwise wouldn't have discovered us. It is a perfect combination of efficiency, automation and sales, resulting in valuable partnerships.
    Karolina Bjernefalk Partnership Representative at Nextory
  • Adtraction Plus has helped us efficiently grow our program in existing and new markets. In addition to increasing sales and reaching new customers, the offers shown in the widget are appreciated by our existing customers.
    Staffan Larsson Nordic Director at Matsmart

What does the widget look like?

The widget’s colour, language, size and appearance is customised based on the branding and preferences of the advertiser.

  1. The Adtraction Plus widget appears on the order confirmation page in the lower right corner.
  2. The widget thanks the customer for their purchase. As a thank you, the customer can choose up to three offers from partnering e-commerce stores that are displayed.
  3. Clicking the widget directs the customer to the Adtraction Plus portal, which opens in a separate tab.
  4. In the Adtraction Plus portal, the customer can redeem up to three offers. The brands displayed in the portal are selected by the advertiser.

A cost-effective solution

Adtraction Plus is a cost effective solution that let's advertisers benefit from brand-to-brand partnerships in a simple way without investing resources in building their own loyalty platform.

Adtraction manages Adtraction Plus on behalf of participating advertisers. This includes connecting your brand to others, ensuring that offers are up-to-date and handling customer support related to the offers.

No additional implementation is required for advertisers at Adtraction. If you don’t already work with Adtraction, but want to hear more about how to benefit from Adtraction Plus, please reach out using the below form.

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