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What is BookBeat?

BookBeat is the easy way to find and experience great stories. It is a digital subscription service that allows you to stream audiobooks and read e-books on mobile or tablet. With BookBeat you pay a monthly fee and can stream as many audiobooks as you want. For £12.90/month, you gain unlimited access to tens of thousands of audiobooks and e-books. Exciting news and old classics at your demand.

What is more, BookBeat allows you to download audiobooks to your device to listen to them offline when there is no access to mobile data or wi-fi. BookBeat also support Apple Carplay and Apple Watch. You simply start by signing up for a subscription and downloading the BookBeat app to an iOS or Android device. There are no commitments, you can cancel your subscription and account at any time.

At BookBeat we are proud of being part of Bonnier, a company with more than one hundred years’ worth of experience with creating, refining, and distributing great stories. Making books more accessible via digitalization is thus the natural step in making stories more accessible. BookBeat have set out to create the best possible service for digital books. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to find and experience great stories!

BookBeat for affiliates

We offer affiliates that wish to collaborate with us following prices:

£9 per signup (subscription)

When we initiate the collaboration, you will be given a link with an extended free trial period. Please write to us if you require a unique or tailored promotion code.

We can make unique banners according to your specific needs. For example, banners to be used in newsletters, or other formats/designs. Please write us for more information.

Please remember that that all type of advertisement in Google (google ads, google shopping etc.) is forbidden. Please read all our marketing guidelines, and if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact our Affiliate manager.

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