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Adtraction contributes to cross-industry tracking guide

Adtraction has taken part in a cross-industry collaboration to produce an overview guide of the affiliate and partner ecosystem.

The guide has been produced following a survey which was conducted by the IAB’s UK Affiliate and Partnerships Group earlier this year. The survey asked 200 brands and agencies about their affiliate and partner activity. It found that many respondents cited a lack of knowledge about tracking.

The guide offers an overview of the channel, explaining how the cost per acquisition model works and is tracked through a range of future proofed proprietary technology.

The guide aims to be informative and impartial, demonstrating how the industry has invested in future-proof solutions to ensure affiliate and partner activity is reliably tracked today and for the future.

It details the wider trends and digital challenges that mean reliable tracking is at the forefront of businesses like Adtraction whilst also providing easy to understand explanations of how tracking works and what data is captured. There is a recommendation for advertiser’s to audit their current technical tracking setup to ensure it is up to date.

Read the Guide, “Tracking in a post third-party cookie”.

The guide is also accompanied by a set of Q&As.

If you work with Adtraction and would like to discuss your current technical setup please get in touch with your account contact.

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