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Adtraction Group strengthens its offering through shared platform

Adtraction and Adservice have decided to unify operations under one shared platform. Partners and advertisers from both companies will now run their partner marketing activity exclusively on Adtraction’s platform. The aim is to create a platform that improves service, technology and growth potential for partners and advertisers.

Adtraction acquired Adservice in January 2023. Since then, the two platforms have been run separately, letting partners and advertisers run programs on both platforms. Now, the companies have jointly decided to proceed with one platform. Adtraction’s platform is the larger by user volume across Europe, and will therefore be the company’s single platform moving forward. Once the migration is completed, Adservices platform will no longer be used.

There are some important benefits that this change will bring both Adtraction and Adservice customers.

By increasing the number of partners and advertisers in Adtraction’s platform, the value of the platform and the opportunity for positive network effects will increase for all users. Advertisers will get access to more partners in a unified single platform, while partners will have a greater choice of advertisers.

In addition, unifying the platforms will streamline reporting, account management and the optimisation of partner marketing programs. Adtraction and Adservice already share offices in multiple markets, and will be able to work together towards the shared goal of growth for all partners and advertisers.

There are also benefits when it comes to technology and development. Rather than maintaining two platforms and developing new functionality independently, the companies can focus their efforts on enhancing the features in a single, unified platform. Merging the development efforts and prioritising the development of one platform, will allow the company to get the best from both organisations.

Adtraction Group’s focus is now on ensuring a seamless migration for advertisers and partners currently using the Adservice platform. The migration will start during the first quarter and is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2024. Once the migration is complete the Adservice platform will no longer be used. Partners and advertisers will receive more information about when their accounts are due for migration directly from the teams at Adtraction and Adservice.

Simon Gustafson, CEO and founder of Adtraction comments:
Our focus has always been on helping advertisers and partners grow their business, and we will be in a better position to focus on this when working on the same platform. Previous migrations of traffic from Connects and Digital Advisor have helped us develop and optimise our migration processes, and we know exactly how to migrate accounts from Adservice in a seamless way. Now, we are looking forward to working together on one platform, and the opportunities arising through a combined organisation.

Casper Grud, CEO and founder of Adservice adds:
At Adservice, we are very positive about working from one platform and to integrate with Adtraction. It has been incredible to see how positive employees from both companies have been. We have made the decision together, and agreed on all important aspects. The entire process confirms how well Adservice and Adtraction complement each other, and we look forward to developing even better solutions for our advertisers and partners.

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