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Advantages of Google Shopping and CSS partners

Comparison Shopping Services, known as CSS, have rapidly become a key asset in e-commerce partner programmes. Learn more about the benefits of working with Google Shopping and CSS partners in the following article.

Reach converting customers with Google Shopping and CSS partners

Research shows that 85% of all product searches start on Google or Amazon. Visibility in product search is crucial for retailers looking to develop product awareness and drive sales. CSS partners offer a good opportunity for retailers to optimise the Google Shopping ad space by working with specialists on a low-risk commercial model.

Google Shopping allows advertisers to display their products at the top of search results. Consumers on the other hand, search for products in Google’s search engine, see the products and can easily compare prices among different retailers.

The below image illustrates how products are showcased in the Google Shopping ad space.

Google Shopping is a conversion driving marketing channel. The channel has the ability to attract consumers who have already expressed a strong intent to buy. The more specific a search, the more likely the consumer is to buy the product. A person searching for “Nike Zoom Fly 5” is closer to a purchase than someone who searches for “Running shoes”.

A CSS partner is a partner that helps retailers advertise on Google Shopping Ads. Each Comparison Shopping Service is a website which collects product offers from retailers, and places Shopping ads on behalf of those retailers.

CSS partner growth at Adtraction

The rise in popularity of CSS has truly been one of the success stories of the last couple of years at Adtraction. This is illustrated in this graph which compares the year-on-year growth of CSS partners to that of other partner types so far in 2022.

Working with CSS partners at Adtraction

Reach converting customers

Beside the benefit of increased visibility in the Google Shopping ad space, CSS partners can help advertisers reach converting customers with high purchase intent.

Efficient market expansion

Most CSS partners are active in multiple markets and can be effective for advertisers that want to expand quickly in new markets.


The flexibility offered from CSS partners allows retailers to target specific product segments. For example, Adtraction advertisers can add separate Google Shopping feeds to the platform with custom details, where low margin products can be removed, or high-stock inventory can be prioritised.

Work with specialists

The majority of Adtraction’s CSS partners are Google certified Premium Partners. Certified Google Partners are recognised for maximising campaign success for their clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients' campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise. CSS partners are specialists in their field and work with a broad selection of retailers. They work with different retailers in different categories, and use their tried-and-tested approaches to help advertisers succeed.

Performance based CSS

Google Shopping Ads are traditionally run on a CPC model, and advertisers using their own Google Merchant Center accounts to run Google Shopping ads will pay for each click on those campaigns. Running CSS campaigns with Adtraction allows advertisers to run Google Shopping Ads but pay on a CPA. This performance based set-up facilitates a transfer of risk from the advertiser to the partner, as the partner accepts the upfront CPC costs and has the responsibility to drive results.

Benefit from multiple CSS partners

Most retailers find that adding multiple CSS partners will continue to deliver incremental improvements in traffic and sales. The majority of advertisers running CSS with Adtraction work with two or more CSS partners to maximise return from the partner type.

Having multiple CSS partners working on a campaign means advertisers also benefit from the different approaches and strategies of each provider. Furthermore, it’s not unusual for different providers to focus on different parts of the product portfolio. Working with multiple CSS partners can further support an advertiser’s strategy across additional shopping platforms, such as Bing Shopping.

Working with more CSS partners allows an advertiser to claim more visibility in the Google Shopping Ad Space, which might otherwise be dominated by their competitors.

Peak trading season is approaching, and for retailers looking to maximise their visibility, now is a good time to start adopting CSS as part of your partner marketing strategy.

Interested in learning more about how CSS partners and Google Shopping can fit into your overall partner marketing plan? Reach out to Adtraction here.

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