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Discover the enhanced advertiser dashboard

Are you looking for a more intuitive, customisable way to track your program performance? Our newly revamped Adtraction dashboard is here to deliver just that!

A fully customisable dashboard

Our advertiser dashboard had a facelift, but it’s not just cosmetic! The dashboard provides a seamless experience with our drag-and-drop functionality, letting you add and remove elements in a simple way to tailor your dashboard. The new dashboard features 24 data widgets to choose from to create a dashboard that suits your needs.


  • View your performance easier than before
  • Quickly answer your analysis questions
  • Discover new partners and opportunities
  • Receive recommendations to suit your website

Tailor your reports

Every report can be fully customised with columns of data based on your preferences. Use the Edit icon on the far right of any report to select the data you wish to view.

Schedule reports direct to your inbox

The dashboard allows you to manage an unlimited number of reports and have them sent directly to your inbox. You can schedule and receive your reports in familiar formats like CSV, PDF, or XLS, and also add colleagues and stakeholders to the recipient list.

Log in to your Adtraction account to see the new changes we’ve made.​ We hope you enjoy the enhancements as much as we do!

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