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How does Adtraction tracking work with parallel tracking in Google Ads?

Parallel tracking does not affect Adtraction’s legacy cookie tracking. However, for advertisers using first-party tracking or server-to-server tracking a simple update by affiliates in their Google Ads account is required.

The Final URL for the ad ("final URL" or "final URL suffix" field) must be appended with a static identifier cn=at_gd as well as two instances of Google’s unique click identifier; cv={gclid} and at_gd={gclid}. Example:{gclid}&at_gd={gclid}

The Adtraction tracking link ("tracking template" field) must have gb=1 appended to it to indicate parallel tracking. This will be done automatically by Google when parallel tracking is used. The link also needs to carry the parameter at_gd={gclid} which holds Google’s unique click identifier. Example:{gclid}

Information about which tracking solution an advertiser has implemented is available on each advertiser’s program page in your Adtraction account.

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