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How to create the perfect Instagram feed

A unique and visually attractive Instagram feed is key to stand out from the crowd. In this article we share a few simple tips to instantly improve an Instagram feed.

A themed Instagram feed with a distinct colour scheme

A consistent theme is key when creating a visually attractive Instagram feed. First impressions are made in a fraction of a second, and the feed is one of the first elements users are exposed to when visiting an Instagram profile. If posts are inconsistent and confusing, followers won't know what kind of content to expect. In contrast, a feed that follows a consistent theme and perhaps tells a specific story, makes it easier for followers to get an impression of what content they can expect.

When creating a cohesive Instagram feed, it is important that the colour scheme is consistent. That’s not to say every image needs the same colour or filter, but small glimpses of a consistent image style in each post creates a harmonic layout. Another option is to purposely break the colour scheme, for instance through the addition of black-and-white images, quotes or other photos that stand out. The online design and publishing tool Canva can be worth checking out for combining texts and images in designs.

Image quality and lighting are additional elements that can be important when improving an Instagram feed. High-quality images lead to a much more pleasant experience when viewing a feed. There are plenty of image editors that can be useful when improving photos, for instance apps such as Adobe Lightroom, Tezza and VSCO.

Composition and planning of an Instagram feed

Even with a theme and a thoughtfully selected colour scheme, the images need to be deliberately put together to create unity. Would the better option be to post six selfies in a row, or would it be worth considering selfies for every second or every sixth post?

There are numerous apps that can help plan and organise an Instagram feed. Preview and Unum are two options that can be downloaded both for Android and iOS Phones. Both apps can be connected to Instagram profiles, and the drag and drop functionality makes it easy to test the order of the pictures and find the best fit. Planning the Instagram feed in advance makes it easier to maintain and be consistent with a given theme and colour scheme.

Other examples on how to plan an Instagram feed

A cohesive and harmonic Instagram feed
Pick a color scheme and match images to the desired color.

Mix up the Instagram feed with inspirational quotes
Create a professional looking grid layout by publishing quotes with a consistent frequency. If quotes are published as every sixth post, the quotes will lay on top of each other with one image in between. An additional tip is to create a unique quote template in Canva. The online design and publishing tool makes it possible to select fonts and backgrounds that can easily be reused and recreated.

An Instagram feed pattern with selfies
Play with the order of the pictures in the feed, for instance by using a checkerboard pattern with selfies and other images. This means that every second image should be a selfie and the following picture could be any other type of picture. This layout forms a fun composition that is visually pleasing and clear.

We hope the article was helpful. If you are an Instagrammer interested in monetising your channel, we recommend reading our guide on how to get started or get in touch by emailing

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