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Partner Spotlight: CSS Partner Velka Shopping

CSS Partner Velka Shopping is a Google Premium Partner with extensive experience in running shopping ads on a CPA-level. Learn more about them in the below Partner Spotlight.

Can you briefly introduce Velka Shopping and yourself?

I am Nicki Laursen, CCO & Partner at Velka Shopping. We are an online shopping partner helping retailers create incremental sales.

By using data, AI, and cutting-edge technology we present consumers with the right products at the right time. We utilize big data across categories to predict when your customers are ready to buy your products.

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) Premium Partner to Google – meaning that we promote your products in shopping ads.

Our target is crystal clear – we want to be the best in Europe.

Tell us how and why Velka Shopping was founded?

Originally our founders, Tobias, and René, started in e-commerce. However, in 2019 they decided to focus exclusively on CSS.

They wanted to build an algorithm that could enable all types of retailers to compete in a tough online marketplace. And so, they did and that’s still our mission.

With our insight and technology in the mix you will be playing in the big league - no matter the size of your business.

What markets is Velka Shopping currently working in?

United Kingdom

Can you tell us more about Velka Shoppings strategy for partner marketing?

We’ll continue to deliver cutting-edge technology.

We’ll continue to strengthen our advertisers' businesses, ensure maximum exposure, help them to achieve a better ROI and increase their market share, while complimenting their own activities.

We’ll continue our investments in our advertisers' success - provide full transparency and top-class customer service with a proactive outreach and swift response.

What key factors are considered in determining which partner programs to join? What do you look for in an advertiser program?

We have no preconditions for advertisers - mainly because potential for growth comes in all shapes and sizes.

But some of the things there’s worth mentioning; optimize your feed, make sure that your
commission is competitive, make sure that you’ve the right prices and you’ve a focus on CRO.

We’re very well represented across all CSS approved industries – we cooperate with all advertisers.

How can advertisers get started with Velka Shopping?

It’s quite simple to start advertising through Velka Shopping.
1. Connect to a network, e.g. Adtraction.
2. Give us access to a product feed.
3. Allow us to reach customers on your behalf through shopping ads in the Google Merchant Center. That’s it.

What is your experience working with Adtraction, and what features do you enjoy?

The level of service we’ve been provided by Adtraction has been great and so is the development we’ve seen the past year. Furthermore, their API is good, and well-documented.

Does Velka Shopping have any upcoming promotions, launches, or exciting news to share?

We are expanding to Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, and Slovakia in 2023.

Interested in learning more about how Google Shopping and CSS partners like Velka Shopping can fit into your overall partner marketing plan? Reach out to Adtraction here.

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