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Advertising Conditions - Tando Loan Finland 

Please make sure to review this document in its entirety. Very important information will be given throughout. 
Pixel fire and campaign information Tando Loan is a CPS campaign and commission is calculated as a percentage of the paid out loan. Pixel fire happens upon loan payout. 
Please note that this campaign is aimed at people with payment remarks and is approved only on the basis of the borrower obtaining a guarantor. Because of this business model conversions take longer than usual. Most conversions happen 2-4 days after the initial application but it is not uncommon for conversions to happen up to 2-4 weeks after application. The application process is as follows: 

1)The client fills out the application and makes a notice of who will be the co-signer 2)The co-signer is contacted and prompted to supply the relevant credit information 3)The co-signer is evaluated 4)If co-signer is approved both co-signer and client signs the loan agreement

Allowed media: Sites, banners, SoMe, Email and SMS (contact us for other media sources) 

Interest Example:  Always use approved interest example in the marketing: 

Esimerkki: Lainasumma 3 600 € 36 kk laina-ajalla. Todellinen vuosikorko on 25.84%, ja nimelliskorko on 20.0%. Virallinen kuukausierä on 144,74 €, johon sisältyy kuukausikulut 10,95 €. Lopullinen hinta luotolle on siis 1 610,64 €.


Email marketing 
All emails must contain the interest example and unsubscribe-link. Be aware that all HTML’s from us has a clear notification of where to place the unsubscribe-link. All permissions must be produced upon request. 

Only approved content must be published on this campaign. We will provide a wide variety of preapproved content pieces. If you want to run your own content it must always be approved by us before publishing. 

Publishers who run this campaign has to be aware, that it is very important to follow the suppression rules. At ALL time, please ensure that our Global BlackList and our weekly published suppression lists are imported and live on your servers. All blacklisted contacts must be suppressed on a weekly basis. Failure to download/suppress contacts on our merchant's suppression files can in worst case scenarios result in your links being suspended, commissions 
being withheld and your affiliate account being blocked on our network. Also, any legal / compliance issues which arise from suppressed contacts being emailed will be passed directly onto the offending affiliate. 

Adwords/SEM Buying keywords is allowed. Buying Tando’s brand name(s) or brand abusing other banks or lenders is strictly forbidden. 
SoMe SoMe advertising is allowed. It is prohibited to put any logo(s), marks or text that can suggest that Tando is behind the campaign. Interest examples must always be present in SoMe advertising. 

SMS Allowed, a range of pre-approved SMS texts is available in our publisher interface. New content must be approved by us before publishing. 
Non-approved media It is not allowed to use the following media in the advertising: 
 Content Lock  Adult  Incentivized  Viral currency  Social Virals  Whatsapp Virals


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