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Simple and smart investing

Lysa FI -- Closing 2023-10-02 Affiliate-ohjelma / Partner-ohjelma

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We make it simpler to save smarter
Lysa is a savings service that automatically invests your money in a simple, cheap and smart
way. Welcome to a simpler way to save!

Our investment method
How should I save my money? Which funds, stocks or asset classes are "best"?
The financial industry's worst-kept secret is that no one knows. No one can look into the
future and know exactly which funds, stocks or sectors will perform better or worse than

At Lysa, our job is not to speculate, but to make sure that your investments are prepared for
anything that could happen. Based on Nobel Prize-winning economic research, Lysa's
investment method is based on four principles:

1. Pay low fees
2. Spread your investments
3. Take risks you can handle
4. Complete your savings strategy

As a Lysa customer, your money is automatically invested according to these principles. In
carefully selected global index funds and EFTs with high diversification, ultra low fees and at
a risk customised to you and your life situation. Simple, smart and cheap!

About Lysa
Lysa is the largest and fastest growing automated savings service in the Nordics. The
service was launched in Sweden in 2017 and today over 100,000 customers in Sweden,
Denmark and Finland save approximately SEK 20 billion with Lysa. We do not do traditional
advertising, but grow mainly through recommendations from satisfied customers and

- Give new customers a discount for 3 months* with your unique link
- Simple, simple, simple
- Ultra low fees and wide spread of risk
- All deposits are automatically invested without you having to think about it
- Possibility to save monthly and have several Lysa accounts with different allocations
- Personal service in our fantastic customer support
- As secure as the bank
- Lysa does not accept kickbacks or commissions, we are only paid directly by our
customers and we are always on your side
*New customers who sign up through your link automatically receive up to 20% discount on
Lysa's fee for 3 months.

All marketing of financial products must be moderate and comply with the strict rules for
marketing financial products that exist. Together, we have a responsibility to share
information that is clear and not misleading. Here are 3 simple rules that must be taken into

1. Risk information
When it comes to the marketing of financial services, it is incredibly important to inform
the reader that investments always involve a risk. This is how we write about it ourselves:
“Investments are always associated with risk. The value of your investments can go down as
well as up and you may not get back your initial capital.”

2. It is clear that it is advertising
We want to be open and transparent with our collaborations. In order not to mislead, it is
important that it is clearly stated that you as an affiliate receive compensation from lysa. The
easiest way to do this is by labeling links as (sponsored link) or in other ways making people
understand that this is a paid partnership.

3. Choice of words
All claims that are made must be true and the burden of proof always falls on us (together)
who strand behind it. Therefore, unqualified words should always be used with caution
as they are not always provable. Examples of such are "cheapest", "lowest price", "best",
"easiest" or "biggest". Then it is better to say "cheap", "good", "simple" etc. Another example
of a word that should be used with caution is "safe" as it can give the impression that
investments do not involve a risk (rule 1).
Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you want to ask something. More
information can be found in our Terms and Agreements document.

Our Manifesto
The financial industry has long lived well on being a little difficult, tricky and fancy. Those
who have been tasked with helping the customer make better decisions, have instead
recommended expensive, often less good, products and received a great kick-back as a
thank you. This has led to dissatisfied customers and eroded confidence in an old system.
We think that’s good. Because trust has to be built on honesty and transparency, and
sometimes the broken must be torn down in order for something better to be built up.

We are called Lysa, which is Swedish for light up, and we are here to do just that - light up
an industry that has been moving in the shadows for far too long. We want to offer people a
better way to save money, by investing in low-cost funds with high diversification, with a risk
level that’s right just for you. Sounds exciting? No. And you are absolutely right. Setting up a
savings plan and sticking to it without letting the emotions or daily headlines dictate, is
neither exciting nor as easy as it may sound. But based on research, data and Nobel prize
winners in economics, it is among the smartest things you can do.

We want to help more people make better financial decisions. By eliminating conflicts of
interest and using new technology, we want to make it simpler to save smarter. We
continuously monitor, rebalance and improve your portfolio and ensure that your money is
given the best possible conditions to grow over time, so that you can worry less and have
more time for things (much more important in life) than market news, fund choices and
interest rate curves. Welcome to Lysa.

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