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Partners at Adtraction


Influencers include Instagrammers, bloggers and profiles with an audience on social media platforms.


Adtraction supports content partners ranging from the world’s largest media publishers to niche content sites.


Commonly discount portals, loyalty platforms, email marketers and other partners with roots in affiliate marketing.


Tech partners are often on-site technologies, mobile apps, partners with API websites and SEM partners.


Typically SEO and SEM partners with comparison sites, but can also include other finance oriented partners.

Our features

Chrome extension

Adtraction’s Google Chrome extension allows you to retrieve tracking links directly from the browser when visiting an advertiser's website. With the extension, you can further utilise the built in product search function, and apply for programs directly in the browser.

The Chrome Plugin is available from the Chrome store and can be downloaded here.


Adtraction’s API functionality lets you interact with our platform without the need to use our graphical user interface.

With a broad selection of endpoints you can create your own applications or automate tasks and reports with statistics that are crucial to your business.

Mobile app

Adtraction’s app provides quick and easy access to real-time statistics, new advertisers and current campaigns. Review statistics for custom time periods, discover and apply to new partner programs, review transactions, campaigns and payments. Find the app at App Store and Google Play.

Product browser

Our newly launched Product browser makes it easier than ever for partners to discover the perfect products to promote from across the Adtraction platform. Each search result generates a deep link which can easily be copied directly from the tool.


Full transparency and flexible reporting helps you as a partner to optimise your marketing efforts. Our system lets you schedule automated statistics reports via email. Setting up automated reporting is easily done in our user-friendly system.

Google Ads integration

Our Google Ads integration allows partners to track which Google Ads campaigns are working for their audiences, closing the loop between traffic generation and conversions and allowing partners to properly measure ROI and optimise their Google Ads campaigns.

Partner with leading brands and start earning commissions

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Choose which brands you want to work with and apply for their program. Program applications are usually processed within 24 hours.
  3. Link to advertisers from your channel.
  4. Receive commission when users click your links and purchase from the advertiser.

Trusted by leading brands of all sizes

We are proud to provide a broad range of advertisers. Find an overview below of the different programs and the terms offered.

Industry leading brands

Adtraction works with leading advertisers in the e-commerce and finance verticals. Partner with the brands that suit your audience and earn commissions by promoting their products or services.

Our platform lets you seamlessly connect with brands and establish partnerships with advertisers that understand the value of quality content.

Leading technology platform

Our goal is to make partnerships simpler and more accessible to content creators. In-house development allows us to monitor the needs of our users and customise our technology.

Our user friendly system is recognised across the industry and our reliable tracking ensures that you get credit for every conversion you drive.

Superior partner support

Encountering problems? Support is never far away. As a partner at Adtraction, you always have access to our experienced support team.

Our goal is to provide superior support, and with an average response time of less than 10 minutes, we do our best to help you whenever needed.