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Affiliate marketing for Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform used to find inspiration and ideas for topics such as food, interior, travel and more. Throughout the pandemic, the platform has gained increasing interest from a marketing and advertising perspective.

In 2020, the visual search engine recorded an annual advertising revenue of more than $1.6 billion. With more than 459 million monthly active users, the platform has seen remarkable growth in the last two years.

Pinterest is ideal for affiliate marketing because it allows affiliate links to be added to each post, something that is not available in other mainstream social media platforms, like Instagram.

Why should Pinterest users consider affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very effective way to monetise a Pinterest account.
Adding affiliate links to Pinterest posts means you can earn commissions from every purchase made through your links.

  • Monetise your content without a huge follower base
    The platform works differently from other social channels that require a base of followers to generate reach. If you know how to optimise your posts for Pinterest, you can gain visibility even if you are new to the platform.
  • Reach an audience with purchase intent
    9/10 Pinterest users use the platform to plan for, or make purchases. Using affiliate links in Pinterest content makes it possible to reach an engaged shopping audience, while at the same time simplifying the buying process.
  • Affiliate marketing facilitates new partnerships with your favourite brands
    An affiliate platform gives you access to a great selection of partnership programmes. Working with different brands through an affiliate network lets you save time and resources.

How can Pinterest users get started with affiliate marketing?

To get started with affiliate marketing on Pinterest, simply follow the steps below to become a partner at Adtraction.

  1. Register at Adtraction and add your Pinterest channel ( Add your channel as "Other".
  2. Apply for the programs of the brands you want to work with. Program applications are normally processed within 24 hours, but it can take more time in certain cases.
  3. Once the application is processed, you can begin including tracking links and promoting products in your Pinterest content.

How can Pinterest users promote their favourite products on Pinterest?

Promoting your favourite products on Pinterest is a handy way to share inspiration and recommendations with a wide audience.

  • Weddings
    Share wedding inspiration with your followers. Anything from your dream wedding ring to the bridesmaid's dresses can be promoted with Adtraction's affiliate links.
  • Parties
    Share your best party decoration ideas and your favourite recipes, and inspire
    your followers with your creativity! Don't forget to use Adtraction's affiliate
    links while doing so.
  • Outfits
    No matter if you enjoy the most trendy pieces straight off the runway or a
    capsule wardrobe, your style tips are appreciated! Share your favourite pieces
    of clothing with affiliate links.
  • Makeup
    Do you have a must-have foundation that lasts all day? Remember to utilise Adtraction's affiliate links when sharing your faves.
  • Home and gardening
    Share your favourite home interior products and gardening tips with your
    followers. Use Adtraction's affiliate links to earn commissions from purchases
    made through your link.
  • Hairstyles
    Sometimes you need to spice up your hairstyle and Pinterest is a great source
    of amazing hairdo ideas. Remember to link your favourite hair tools and
    accessories with affiliate links.
  • DIY projects
    Share your best DIY projects and necessary tools on Pinterest. Adtraction has
    a great selection of stores where you can find hardware and craft tools to
    promote with affiliate links.

How can tracking links be added to a Pinterest post?

Here's how you can add Adtraction's tracking links to Pinterest:

  1. Click "+ Create a Pin"
  2. Add an image of the product you want to promote
  3. Write a title and a description of the product. Note that people will usually see the first 50 characters of the Pin, so it is therefore recommended to keep the text concise
  4. Add the affiliate link to the "Add a destination link" field. We recommend using Adtraction's Short Link feature for Pinterest posts
  5. Click "Save"

Short link

While it is possible to use Adtraction's regular affiliate links on Pinterest, we recommend using Short links, which are shortened versions of Adtraction's tracking links. Short links can be made in Adtraction's interface or in our Google Chrome Extension. Just click "Customise link" and select "Short link" while creating an affiliate link to your desired advertiser.

Chrome Extension

Using Adtraction's Google Chrome Extension helps retrieve affiliate links easily. You can create a deep link with the Chrome Extension without leaving the advertiser's webpage. Read more about our handy Google Chrome Extension here.

Advertising policies

Please make sure to follow your local advertising policies.

Sponsored products

Traditional affiliate marketing does not normally include sponsored products. It might, however, be that you already own products sold by our advertisers. Have a look at Adtraction's advertiser portfolio to see which advertisers sell the product you plan to promote.

Influencer pushes

An influencer push is when influencers receive higher commission from a particular advertiser for a limited time period. These are great opportunities to increase earnings. When an advertiser you have partnered with has an influencer push, you will receive a system message informing you about the commission increase and when the push starts.

We hope the article can be helpful when looking for options to monetise your content on Pinterest. Feel free to reach out to us in the chat if you have questions.

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