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How to use Adtraction's Google Chrome Extension?

Since launching the updated version of Adtraction's Google Chrome extension at the end of May, the plugin has seen a 38% increase in downloads. Watch our latest video to learn how to use it.

In beginning of June Adtraction announced the launch of an updated Google Chrome extension with an integrated short link functionality and a powerful search function that allows affiliates to search the full product database of Adtraction. In addition, the look of the plugin has been revamped in accordance with Adtraction’s branding.

Download the Google Chrome plugin here and get started with the video or our step-by-step guide on how to use the extension can be found in the below section.

  1. Download Adtraction's Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore
  2. Locate the plugin in the browser toolbar and log in using your Adtraction account
  3. When you visit an Adtraction advertiser the tracking link is generated for the page you visit
  4. Copy the link, or generate a shortened link if preferred
  5. The plugin allows you to check if the advertiser has available coupons or offers (will slow down the movie at this point)
  6. Search for products from any Adtraction advertiser using the plugin
  7. When browsing a different page or advertiser a new tracking link will be generated
  8. When you visit the website of an Adtraction advertiser, a green, blinking light will appear and serve as a notification

If you have questions related to the Google Chrome Extension, please get in touch with our support or your Adtraction contact – we will be happy to advise.

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