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More than 200 advertisers connected to Adtraction Plus

Adtraction Plus, a service that helps e-commerce businesses reach new customers by collaborating with other online retailers, has more than 200 advertisers connected since May.

Adtraction Plus helps retailers set-up brand to brand partnerships in a simple way without investing resources in building their own loyalty platform. Advertisers that are connected to Adtraction's platform can reward their customers with attractive offers from other retailers without any technical implementation, while also having their own offers presented in collaborating stores. For most retailers, this is an entirely new source of traffic that contributes to new customer acquisition, growth, and increased customer loyalty.

Adtraction Plus has become a significant sales channel to many Adtraction advertisers, with some increasing sales through their partner programs by up to 25% after launching Adtraction Plus.

Adtraction Plus was launched in Sweden in 2021 and has since experienced significant growth in the Nordics. Today, more than 200 stores are connected to the service, including Lyko, Matsmart, Hallon, and Interflora.

Malin Falk, Social Commerce Lead at Bangerhead, comments:
Adtraction Plus is a great feature to reach new customers. Our existing customers value the concept, which is great for our customer relations. We also appreciate the flexibility when choosing retailers to collaborate with – this ensures visibility among advertisers that match our brand.

Pauliina Ollari, Head of Adtraction Plus, comments:
The purpose of Adtraction Plus is to facilitate brand to brand partnerships, while offering added value for Adtraction's customers by providing a unique source of traffic. This is an important service to many of our advertisers as it allows them to expand and grow their partner programs in an easy way. We are grateful for the great interest the service has received.

Over the past six months, Adtraction has invested additional resources into Adtraction Plus. During Q1, Adtraction Plus delivered over 2.5 million impressions, while the generated order value increased by 60% compared to the same period in 2022.

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