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Working with partners delivers reach across the internet that you won’t find through any other marketing channel. Adtraction’s partners can help you connect with a broad audience, driving quality, converting customers to your website.

Our features

Discover partners

Thousands of partners use Adtraction to generate revenue to businesses like yours. Adtraction connects you to this valuable partner network, and our team helps you find the right partners to grow your business.

Adtraction works with a broad selection of partner types such as influencers, content sites, comparison sites, mobile apps, loyalty platforms, portals and more. Our partner directory makes it easy to discover the best matches for your brand.


Tracking accuracy is at the heart of our business, ensuring that your sales are measured correctly.

Our user-friendly and reliable system allows you to track, review and analyse results of your partner activities in real-time. Uncover the impact of your marketing activity and make data-driven decisions based on the effect your partnership program has on your business.


Partners come in various sizes and require different amounts of support. With an average response time of less than 10 minutes, Adtraction handles all partner support for you.

Service is pivotal to what we do and who we are. We see proof time after time that high-quality support helps both sides of our marketing ecosystem generate more value and revenue from their partnerships.

Program optimisation

We take responsibility for the success of your partner program, and with continuous optimisation we help you unlock the full potential of partnerships.

Program optimisation is an ongoing process. Your dedicated Account Manager will support you with commission enhancements, program segmentation, partner recruitment, strategy adjustments and new, profitable initiatives to accelerate the growth of your program.

Partner payments

Keeping track of commissions and ensuring that partners are paid promptly can be time consuming. As an advertiser at Adtraction, you receive one monthly invoice while we take care of all your partner payments.

Our integrated payment solutions are highly automated and provide transparent processing while facilitating partner payments at scale.

API access

Adtraction’s API functionality lets you interact with our platform without the need to use our graphical user interface.

With a broad selection of endpoints you can create your own applications or automate tasks and reports with statistics that are crucial to your business.

Trusted by leading brands of all sizes

Advertisers at Adtraction are leading brands who embrace partners as a vital part of their business strategy and online presence.

  • Adtraction has allowed Fuel to introduce a host of e-commerce clients into the affiliate space in a straight-forward and really efficient way. Integrations tend to be very quick and any new challenges that our clients have presented have been resolved by the experienced team.
    Severiano Catindig-Stagg Director at Fuel Performance Marketing
  • Kitlocker has been working with Adtraction since 2019. Their team has helped us to build a number of new partnerships to deliver sales and brand visibility. Adtraction have also supported us to run some unique campaigns with partners that have a relevant audience of sports teams and clubs, which culminated in Kitlocker winning a Performance Marketing Award for Best Brand Engagement Campaign in 2023.
    Alex Hodson E-commerce Manager at Kitlocker
  • I went to various competitors of Adtraction and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Adtaction cuts through the jargon and looks at what you are trying to achieve and genuinely works with you. They feel like part of your company, and they care and help you.
    Louise Miller

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Partner programs at Adtraction

We are proud to work with a broad range of advertisers. Find an overview below of the different programs available on Adtraction.