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A bit about us

Hey, we’re Sam & Rich. 3 years ago we were cash-strapped twenty-somethings and wanted to live more sustainably. But we couldn’t find any sustainable fashion brands we could afford.

So in 2016 we founded Goose Studios and set out to make it super simple for you to switch to a sustainable wardrobe that's made to last and reasonably priced.

We call our organic cotton clothing "throw on and smile style". With easy-going styles that you'll be wearing season after season, year after year.

It's our antidote to the unsustainable fast fashion high-street. 

As conscious consumers we need to buy less, buy better and take responsibility for the future of our planet.

Because together, we can change an industry. Who knows, maybe even change the world.


Introducing the Goose Studios Partner Program

If you think that your website, blog or social media followers matches our brand and customers, we'd love to partner with you.

We kindly ask that you do not bid on our brand name or any close derivations or mispellings using Google Ads or other Paid Search platforms. This includes our brand name plus generic keywords, including discount code related terms. If transactions are generated in this way they will be declined.

Please contact us before placing any ads in Google Shopping or Facebook Ads.

If you use affiliate links in your Instagram or other social media we request that you stipulate #ad so that your followers know there is a commercial relationship between yourself and our brand.

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