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Coolshop sells a wide range of gadgets, games and interesting tech at fantastic prices. They are based in seven locations around Europe, including the UK.

Coolshop holds over 200,000 games which are ready to dispatch the same day they are ordered. Coolshop offer trailer videos across most of thier product range to improve the shopping experience.

"Why should games be so expensive?" "We must be able to sell video games cheaper" From these two original thoughts came the main desire to form Coolshop back in 2003. This was to become the foundation for what is Denmark's largest and now one of Europe’s fasting growing online video game and accessories stores.

Coolship was founded by three young guys who set out to create an alternative to the traditional high street shop which had never really been challenged on price.

Mark one of the co-founders said “if we are big enough, then we can buy in such large quantities that we can skip over several links in the supply chain, thereby achieving significant savings”. Mark was of course right in letting this idea form the backbone of the business. So, since this day we have formed and built on the philosophy, we choose to call The Magic Five Points:

“We would be best on priceserviceinformationsecurity and selection.”

Coolshop aim to make online shopping easy, fun and informative.

Program Terms

Partners are requested not to use Google Shopping ads to generate traffic to the Coolshop website. The brand name term Coolshop or any close derivations or mispellings should not be used to generate traffic in Google Ads.


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