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Hermony Labs, a German premium supplement manufacturer, developed a brand-new unique supplement that is designed to help with the side effects of contraceptive pills. Its purpose is to help women manage effects such as mood swings, fatigue, bloating, nausea, and headaches. It works by boosting nutritional levels and regulates hormones to reduce nausea and restore a woman’s libido.

Hermony Balance on the Pill brings back what the pill takes away. It is the only comprehensive solution to help manage the side effects of hormonal contraception. The multivitamin-mineral supplement contains essential nutrients in optimal doses to support a woman's body and mind during hormonal changes in their body without compromising her oral contraception effectiveness or safety. This supplement doesn't contain hormones or steroids, further limiting the potential of any side effects.

Hermony Labs uses premium ingredients that have been tested in independent laboratories and are scientifically formulated to work synergistically in order to address all these symptoms at once. The result is a supplement that helps women feel their best despite the impact that hormonal contraceptives can have. 

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Our Products

Apart from Hermony Balance on the Pill, we are also offering Hermony Mood and Energy, the only 3-in-1 supplement to improve the mood, boost energy and support the immune system.


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