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Our story

We are a passionate and innovative natural supplements business committed to providing premium, yet affordable, scientifically-backed beauty products that deliver lasting results for your skin from within.
Skin Woof Founder, Ben May, launched the brand after they experienced a life changing event following a routine knee operation which resulted in them catching the hospital superbug known as MRSA leading to a 3 month stint in hospital on the most
powerful antibiotics available. As a side effect of the antibiotics and illness, their skin was left full of blemishes, gauntness and bad health which massively affected their confidence.
This particular low point led our Founder to change their perspective of life. After a while of working a corporate job, they left to set up Skin Woof with the aim of having a greater impact on other people's lives by inspiring them to feel more self confident and to do things that make them feel fulfilled. Having first hand experienced the effect that skin condition can have on a person's spirit, they spotted an opportunity to help others get the most from their skin and thus, give them that extra boost of confidence.
The name ‘Skin Woof’ came to be after a friendship group started using the word 'Woof' whenever something positive happened to them for example a promotion at work or being confident enough to do something that they had previously been afraid of pursuing. We decided we wanted to share this euphoric expression with the world and so Skin Woof was born.
Our purpose is to inspire and encourage everyone to be healthier, happier, more sociable, more active and to feel more self-confident. We know it won't be easy to inspire a generation... But we are going to do all we can to make that happen! It starts with helping you to feel more confident in your own healthy, radiant and beautiful skin through our unique vitamins.



Our natural vitamins, botanicals and minerals have been scientifically formulated with the help of dermatologists. Every ingredient in the unique formula has been carefully chosen for its role in providing healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.

With the fast pace of modern life it can be difficult to find the time to maintain the right diet for healthy skin. On top of that, the cost of buying all the healthy foods your skin needs on a daily basis can really add up. Skin Woof vitamins provide all the nutrients your skin needs to flourish in an affordable and easy to take form.

To find out more about the benefits of our products and the ingredients inside them please see our How it works page.

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