Outsource your furniture search, or compare items across 100+ furniture retailers

Flitch Affiliate / Partner Program

Outsource your furniture search, or compare items across 100+ furniture retailers

Flitch is an online interior styling platform that provides an effortless furniture shopping experience built entirely around our users' taste, budget and requirements.

With our personalised service, furniture shoppers can sit back and relax whilst their dedicated stylist builds a shortlist that captures everything they're looking for.

Shoppers who fancy being their own stylist can also search and compare furniture items across 100+ UK retailers and track price history to ensure they get the best deal for them.

We offer 20% commision on each subscription to our personalised service, with the possibility of individually negotiated commissions for top publishers.

Join Flitch Affiliate Program

  1. Register an account at Adtraction.

  2. Choose the Flitch partner program and apply to join our programme. First check the program description to make sure you match the qualifying criteria.

  3. We will then review your site for approval.

  4. Once approved, you can start adding our banners or links to your site and start promoting.

Frequently asked questions

How does the partner program work?

If you have a website, blog or social media page you can share our products or services with your audience and earn money on qualifying purchases. This is simple to do and free of charge to join.

How do I earn commission?

All you have to do is direct users from your website, blog or social media page to our website using the links that we provide. When your users purchase a product or service from us, you earn money. Simply put: the more purchases made on our site by your users, the more money you will earn!

How do I qualify for the partner program?

Sign up with Adtraction and refer to the program description for more information about what type of partners qualify for our programme.

How do I sign up to the partner program?

It’s easy to join our partner programme. Simply follow the four steps above.