Enable success for your clients
through partnerships

Leading agencies work with Adtraction to help their clients succeed with partner marketing. We equip you with robust technology, the right tools and the strategic control required to grow and scale partner programs across industries.

Our features

Premium partner access

A broad selection of premium partners from various categories work with Adtraction. Joining Adtraction gives you access to partners ranging from influencers, technology publishers, content sites and traditional affiliates.

With a performance-based model, all our partners work with a common goal of driving quality, converting traffic to your client’s website. You are free to choose the partners that best suit your client’s objectives.

Program and brand control

Monitor and control all aspects of your client’s partner program. Our flexible platform lets you be in charge of everything from commission levels and promotional material to selecting the right partners.

Service is pivotal to us, and we have made it our priority to always provide you with proactive support and engagement. With deliberate processes in place, we make sure that high regulatory standards are upheld and that every partner adheres to platform-wide and program-specific compliance rules.

Track and optimise partner activities

Adtraction helps you understand what sets your top partners apart from the others. Our reliable tracking system captures every interaction and delivers insights into what’s working and what’s not.

Our team has many years of experience and helps you optimise your clients partner programs.

Performance based and low risk

Adtraction works on a pay-for-performance model, so you only pay when connected partners generate confirmed leads or sales. With consultative support from Adtraction you decide the commission you prefer to pay partners.

We don't believe in tying customers into binding agreements, and there are no fixed fees to work with Adtraction.

Your clients are in good company

Advertisers at Adtraction are industry leaders who embrace partners as a vital part of their business strategy and online presence.

Drive faster growth for your clients

Online visibility

Online presence in relevant channels is becoming increasingly important in an ever-changing media landscape. Finding the right sales partners, measuring return on marketing activity and managing partnerships efficiently are keys to online growth.

Flexible and performance based

Partner programs at Adtraction provide full flexibility and control. Through customer data and statistics, you decide on the right commission levels, which partners you want to work with and the right offers to help partners generate sales for your clients. With continuous optimisation Adtraction helps you unlock the full potential of your client’s partnerships.

A holistic approach to digital marketing

Media agencies are known to help their clients grow with a holistic approach to digital marketing. Using Adtraction will allow you to further maximise results and prove ROI for your clients.

All you need in one place

The all-in-one platform lets you optimise content and present performance using presentation-ready reports that can be easily exported and shared. Let Adtraction help your clients reach their full potential.

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