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We help brands attract new customers and sell more, while helping partners monetise their content and traffic.

Our story

As former colleagues, Simon Gustafson and Markus Bjernvall became acquainted with the online advertising space in the early 2000s. Affiliate marketing was on the rise, but the industry suffered a bad reputation due to a lack of transparency and poor user and customer experiences.

With the mission of providing a transparent platform and delivering a better user experience with improved customer support, they established Adtraction in 2007. Simon and Markus were soon joined by Christian Longberg, Magnus Hagström and Marcus Danielsson, and to this day they form the core of the company.

With roots in affiliate marketing, Adtraction’s business model has gradually evolved, adapting to new partner types and new technologies that facilitate more trackable, transparent and scalable partnerships.

Since its establishment, Adtraction has grown to become the leading company in the Nordics in leveraging partners for marketing purposes, both in terms of revenue and number of clients.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with local offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Germany, Poland, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Italy.

Our history

  • 2007

    Adtraction was founded

    Adtraction was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Markus and Simon, together with system developers Chrille, Mange and Marcus. As soon as the company was established, the development of our proprietary platform began.

  • 2008

    First advertiser signed

    The Adtraction platform was opened to external users and our first advertiser was signed. The very first transaction was tracked on November 19th 2008.

  • 2012

    Nordic expansion

    We launched operations in Norway, Finland and Denmark. These were managed from Stockholm, until local offices were opened in each of the markets. We also hired our very first employee, Karl-Erik.

  • 2014

    Local office in Finland

    Hyvää päivää! In 2014, we celebrated our first international office location. The Finnish office was opened in downtown Helsinki, close to one of the city's main attractions, the Senate Square.

  • 2015

    Local office in Norway

    Shortly after the Finnish office opening, Adtraction opened its second international office location. This time in Norway, a short train ride outside of Oslo.

  • 2016

    Local office in Poland and Denmark

    The Nordic expansion continues with yet another office location, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark. 2016 further allowed us to celebrate a second office location in Warsaw, Poland.

  • 2017

    Superweek™ was launched

    We introduced Superweek™, a recurring campaign week with unique offers from advertisers and a range of activities for partners.

  • 2017

    Local office in Spain

    With a strong foothold in the Nordic region, the time came for further expansion. In 2017, our Spanish team with office in Madrid joined Adtraction.

  • 2017

    Adtraction listed in Deloitte Fast 500

    In 2017, Adtraction was listed among the 500 fastest growing tech companies in Europe by Deloitte.

  • 2019

    Local offices in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK

    In 2019, we were able to grow our team substantially, opening three new office locations. All offices were centrally located in Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and London in the UK.

  • 2019

    Leading in the Nordics

    Throughout our years of operation, we have seen strong growth in both the finance and e-commerce verticals. In 2019, Adtraction became the largest platform for partner marketing in terms of revenue generated across the Nordic markets.

  • 2020

    Adtraction migrates system to Cloud

    All digital assets of the Adtraction system were migrated to a cloud infrastructure. This allows us to provide a flexible and scalable platform for continued expansion.

  • 2020

    Acquisition of Connects

    In 2020, Adtraction acquired the Swiss affiliate network Connects. The Swiss team joined Adtraction.

  • 2021

    Acquisition of Digital Advisor

    In 2021, Adtraction acquired the Danish affiliate network Digital Advisor. The Digital Advisor team joined Adtraction in October.

  • 2021

    Adtraction enters the stock exchange

    The 7th December 2021 was a historic day for Adtraction. At 09:00 CET Simon rang the bell as the company listed it’s shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

  • 2022

    Local office in France

    Bienvenue! In 2022, Adtraction opened a local office in Paris, France. The french team of four joined Adtraction during the first quarter of the year.

  • 2022

    Local office in Italy

    Ciao! In 2022, Adtraction further expanded its operations by establishing a new office in Milan, Italy. The Italian team became part of Adtraction in the second quarter of the year.

  • 2023

    Acquisition of Adservice

    Adtraction acquired the Danish affiliate network Adservice in 2023. The Adservice team became a part of Adtraction Group in January.

  • 2024

    Adservice and Adtraction with shared platform

    In 2024, Adtraction and Adservice decided to unify operations under one shared platform to further improve service, technology and growth potential for partners and advertisers.

Our platform 

  • 2007



  • 7 500


Our values

Our core values guide what we do as a company and as people

Adtraction is built to create value for advertisers and partners. We firmly believe that following this principle is a winning formula not only for the development of Adtraction, but for progressing the industry as a whole.


Adtraction is a platform business. We believe in platform thinking, and are committed to providing a platform that facilitates scalability and network effects.


We strive to provide superior support both for advertisers and partners. With an average response time of less than 10 minutes we do our best to support our customers whenever needed.

Local presence

We want to be locally present. To us, local presence is key to establishing great relationships while gaining knowledge to ensure we deliver expert support in all our markets.

Trusted by leading brands of all sizes

Advertisers at Adtraction are leading brands who embrace partners as a vital part of their business strategy and online presence.

  • Adtraction has allowed Fuel to introduce a host of e-commerce clients into the affiliate space in a straight-forward and really efficient way. Integrations tend to be very quick and any new challenges that our clients have presented have been resolved by the experienced team.
    Severiano Catindig-Stagg Director at Fuel Performance Marketing

Our people

Happy employees are good for business

We believe that happy employees are good for business. Everyone at Adtraction does their best to facilitate a happy, healthy work environment.

Want to join our diverse team and work with some of the most renowned brands? We are growing and are always interested in hiring the right people.

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Our presence

Represented on the largest European markets

Adtraction is expanding its presence around Europe and today we are represented in the largest European markets.

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