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Adtraction updates its Google Chrome extension

We are excited to launch an updated version of Adtraction’s Google Chrome plugin!

In 2018, Adtraction announced the launch of a new Google Chrome extension which enables publishers to retrieve tracking links from advertisers in their browser. The plugin is a tool for publishers to easily promote advertisers connected to Adtraction’s affiliate network.

Simplifying the process of doing affiliate marketing

When a publisher has installed the plugin, an Adtraction icon will be added to the Chrome toolbar. A green, blinking light will appear when entering the website of an e-commerce partner connected to the network. The drop-down allows you to retrieve tracking links from the particular landing page visited, and even apply for the program directly in the plugin. Additionally, Adtraction’s plugin shows available campaigns from the system and highlights exclusive available vouchers.

“Adtraction’s plugin is very user friendly, and I like how it serves as a reminder in the toolbar. If I come across an advertiser, regardless of whether I’m connected to it or not, the icon blinks and reminds me of the fact that we can be profitable on the respective site. It works 100%, never crashes and is super easy to use even if you have more than one site – you simply switch brands in the plugin.”

Cassandra Lindblom, Bonnier

Relevant updates to the plugin

The updated version has integrated Adtraction’s short link functionality which could previously only be found in the system, and the look of the plugin has been updated in accordance with Adtraction’s new design. We also added a powerful search function that allows affiliates to search the full product database of Adtraction. Finding that perfect product to market on your website has never been easier!

Emelie Wandeby, Head of Publishers at Adtraction adds, ”Adtraction’s goal is to make affiliate marketing simpler and more accessible to publishers. The usage rate since we launched the plugin the first time indicates that it’s a valuable resource for publishers, and we are excited to launch an improved version of the tool with additional functionalities.”

The plugin enables publishers to:

  • Join programmes
  • Generate deep links
  • Generate shortened tracking links
  • Review current campaigns
  • Search for products

Adtraction’s Chrome Plugin is available from the Chrome store and can be downloaded now. It updates automatically for users who have had the previous version installed.

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