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Keep your site up-to-date with automated data from Adtraction

Adtraction is excited to announce new powerful features for affiliates running comparison sites!

If you are running a comparison website you know that keeping information correct and up-to-date can be time consuming.

Adtraction facilitates this process by collecting information directly from affiliate program owners, and providing it for free to affiliates.

You can now create a full-featured loan comparison website by simply installing our JavaScript widget on your website and connecting it to the Adtraction API. No need to spend time manually updating information or removing expired products!

If you prefer to build your own comparison interface, you can download raw data directly from the Adtraction API. A public API endpoint is available for each comparison category. Please refer to the Public endpoints in our API documentation.

Comparison data is currently available for Loans and Payday loans. We expect to add additional categories in the near future.

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