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What to expect from PI Live 2019

PI Live takes place in London next week, on 22 - 23 October.

PI Live is one of Europe’s largest performance marketing conferences and is taking place on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23 October, at Old Billingsgate in London.

This year Adtraction are delighted to be sponsoring the Beer Garden Meeting Zone. This is a great place to schedule your meetings throughout the event. And it wouldn’t be a beer garden without a bar! Enjoy a cold beer or a glass of prosecco as you network with new contacts and meet old friends.

We sat down with PI Live ahead of the conference to talk about launching our UK office. Take a read of the full Q&A on PerformanceIn.

Meet the Team

We have a lovely bunch of the Adtraction Team coming to the event! Meet them at the Beer Garden or schedule a meeting with by connecting through the PI Live app, or email

  • Simon - CEO and Founder
  • Markus - Product Owner & Founder
  • Anthony - Managing Partner, UK
  • Anjulie - Managing Partner, UK
  • Bart - Country Manager, Netherlands
  • Kristina - Country Manager, Germany
  • Anna - Marketing Manager
  • Emelie - Head of Publishers, Ecommerce Sweden
  • Johanna - Head of Industry, Ecommerce Sweden
  • Andrea - Head of Business Development

Tuesday Networking Hour: “Meet Someone New and Make a New Connection”

On Tuesday at 2pm The Adtraction Beer garden will play host to a dedicated networking session. Come along to the Beer Garden and spark up a conversation with someone that you haven’t met before in the industry. The goal is to make a new connection, and perhaps uncover a new business opportunity.

Wednesday Networking Hour: “What Affiliate Marketing Issue Keeps You Up At Night?”

Held on Wednesday at 2pm, this networking hour will give you the opportunity to come along to the Beer Garden and share with others your current challenge. Perhaps we’ll find that lots of people share the same concern, or that others can offer you unique insight or opinion into how to challenge your issue!

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