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Are you an influencer? Adtraction can help you earn commission on marketing which lead to sales. We work with hundreds of renowned brands, and you are free to choose with which brands you want to work.

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  4. Receive commission when others click on your links and purchase from the advertiser.

How affiliate marketing works

  1. Affiliate types

    Affiliate links to one of our advertisers.

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    Visitor clicks
    on the link.

  3. Advertiser shopping cart

    Visitor purchases
    from the advertiser.

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    Purchase is tracked
    by Adtraction.

  5. Recieves money

    Affiliate receives commission.

What we offer

Stores and campaigns

We provide a broad range of shops and campaigns within all categories – you choose with which brands you want to work.

Personal contact

Get direct access to our influencer support team. We are here to help, and you are always welcome to contact us.

High commission

We always make sure that you as an influencer receive the highest commission possible for your traffic.

Chrome Extension

Our Google Chrome extension enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser.

Mobile app

Get real-time statistics, new advertisers and campaigns right in our app. Find it at App Store and Google Play.

Collage maker

Create collages with high quality, clickable images directly from our advertisers. Find it in the user interface.

Tips and tricks

You will gain better results if you manage to capture your visitors’ attention with interesting content. If you tend to write content about specific topics, it is natural to complement it with tracking linking to similar products. Find some recommendations below.

Top lists

For instance, Top 5 Shampoos for Coloured Hair. Create a list of products, write your opinion of each and use tracking links to connect your users to advertisers selling the products.


Write about a product you like. Include both pros and cons to increase the credibility. Feel free to use your own photos, and end with a tracking link to an advertiser selling the product.

Product tests

Test a product that might be of interest to your visitors. Feel free to use your own photos of the product, and end with a tracking link to an advertiser selling the product.

Product comparisons

Test similar products, compare them and share your reviews. Describe the pros and cons, add your own pictures and include tracking links to advertisers.

Purchase guides

Help consumers to make the right decisions when purchasing a product or service, 5 Things to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Smart Phone. Remember to include tracking links. 

Product combinations

Write about how products can be combined. For instance, which clothes can be combined for a neat outfit. Use pictures, a short text and tracking links.

Frequently asked questions

Any questions? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Adtraction's affiliate network and how to get started making money as an affiliate. If you have questions that are not answered below, you are always welcome to contact