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Adtraction joins Google Tag Manager’s Community Template Gallery

Adtraction’s tracking tags are now live in Google Tag Manager’s Community Template Gallery, bringing a fast, simple, plug-and-play integration for any of our advertisers using GTM.

In May, Google announced the introduction of custom templates. The concept is to make it easier, quicker and safer to deploy third-party tags using GTM. It’s a more efficient alternative to copy and pasting codes into custom HTML tags, and building JavaScript variables.

The Community Template Gallery marks the first time Google has created an open platform where third-party partners can share their tag templates. It’s aim is to create a way for users to implement and manage tags quickly, but also provide more transparency around how tags operate.

Templates removes the need for GTM users to copy and paste code into custom HTML and JavaScript objects to set-up tags. And there’s no need to set-up individual Variables either.

Right now, when users login to GTM they’ll most likely be a prompt to use the Community Template Gallery.

To set-up a tag using a Template, simply log-in to your GTM account, go the Tags section and you’ll be prompted to use a Template.

Using the Adtraction Templates to integrate our tracking is simple. There are two tags, one for Adtraction’s sitewide Tag and another for the Conversion Tag.

Adtraction sitewide and conversion tag

Both tags need to be added to install Adtraction’s tracking. There will be some specific IDs each advertiser needs to set-up, which your Adtraction contact will provide.

The affiliate marketing industry features prominently in the new Community Templates, with more than 15 Templates credited to both network and publisher businesses. This reinforces GTMs position as the preeminent third-party solution for advertisers looking for a fast, scalable and unbiased way to integrate affiliate marketing technology.

More importantly, GTM’s Community Template Gallery makes affiliate marketing an even more accessible channel. It ensures e-commerce companies can get their affiliate campaigns up and running with minimal technical input, and enjoy maximum choice on which networks and technology partners to work with.

If you are an advertiser that uses GTM and would like to talk to Adtraction about setting up an affiliate program please get in touch.

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