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Adtraction updates its Chrome Extension

It's finally here! Adtraction has just announced updates to its Chrome Extension, including several great features designed to help you generate tracking links, promote products, obtain the latest offers, and search the entire Adtraction product catalogue directly from your browser toolbar.

Create tracking links with ease

Forget about the tedious process of manual link generation! With the enhanced Adtraction Chrome Extension, you can generate tracking links directly from the webpage you are currently viewing. The extension will notify you when you visit an advertiser connected to Adtraction, enabling you to select the product you want to promote and generate a tracking link on the spot.

Enhance your website with a widget

The updated extension also includes a widget tool that allows you to seamlessly create and add attractive product widgets to your website. After selecting your preferred product, you can use the widget tool to create a stylish and informative widget that draws attention to the product you are promoting.

Stay ahead with the latest offers

In the fast-paced world of partner marketing, staying updated with the latest offers
is important. The updated Adtraction Chrome Extension has a feature that shows you the latest coupons and offers for each advertiser connected to Adtraction. With just a single click, you can copy these codes to your clipboard and never miss out on any promotional opportunities.

Powerful product search feature

Finding the right products to promote has never been easier. The updated Chrome Extension allows you to sift through the full product catalogue of each Adtraction advertiser with efficiency. No more wading through long lists of products; with this powerful product search feature, finding the best products to sell is as effortless as typing in your desired product.

Adtraction’s Chrome Plugin is available from the Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded now. The plugin updates automatically for users who have had the previous version installed.

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