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Discover products with Adtraction's new Product browser

We are excited to launch a brand new Product search tool for affiliates!

Successful affiliate marketing is all about promoting the right product to the right audience. Our brand new Product browser makes it easier than ever for affiliates to discover the perfect products to promote from across the Adtraction network.

The new tool allows affiliates to discover products from the product feeds of all Adtraction advertisers. Just search for “earrings”, “watch”, “sneakers” or any other product, and affiliates will receive a collated overview of all relevant products, including images, links and prices.

Each search result generates a deep link for the affiliate’s chosen channel, and once an affiliate has found the product they want to promote, they can easily copy the tracking link directly from the tool. Note that the selected channel needs to be approved for the tracking link to be generated.

Find products

The tool provides a selection of filters that can be used to sort the products and refine the search. For instance, if an advertiser is offering a site wide voucher code, the search can easily be limited to a specific advertiser from the drop down menu.

Be inspired

The Product browser can be a useful tool to discover new products and be inspired. Searching for specific products is one the major features. If an affiliate wants to promote advent calendars from a range of advertisers, they can simply search for "advent calendar" and be provided with a list of the different calendars sold by Adtraction's advertisers.

Compare prices

The tool can further be used to compare prices and find out where a given product can be found at the best possible price. Use the filter in the upper right corner to sort the products by price. This is really convenient to help affiliates find advertisers offering a particular product at the most competitive price.

The below video demonstrates the tool in action. Finding the right products to promote has never been easier!

The Product browser is available for all affiliates in the Tools menu in Adtraction accounts.

Please get in touch with our support should you have any questions related to the Product browser.

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