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Get started with affiliate links in Adtraction's system

A lot of affiliates ask us where their affiliate links can be found and how they can be used. This blog post will tell you how to retrieve tracking links both from the system and directly from your browser.

Retrieve tracking links in Adtraction's system

1. Go to «Advertisers»
2. Click «My Advertisers»
3. Choose the advertiser you want to promote
4. The first available link is directed to the advertisers front page
5. Find «Customise link» to adjust the tracking link to promote a specific product and landing page
6. If you have more than one channel, choose which channel will be used
7. Choose if you want the link to be a URL, Short link, HTML or Cleanlink
8. Paste the URL link to the product you want to promote
9. Click «Generate short link» if short link was the chosen options, or wait for the tracking link to appear below

Depending on your previous choice (URL, Short link, HTML or Cleanlink) a new link will appear. This is the link that should be used in order for Adtraction to track sales generated through your marketing efforts.

Get tracking links from the website of an advertiser

We recently introduced an updated version of Adtraction’s Google Chrome extension. The plugin enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser and can be downloaded here.

Reach out at if you have any questions.

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