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How to create a collage in Adtraction’s collage tool

Creating collages with high quality, clickable images directly from Adtraction’s advertisers is as simple as a few clicks.

When creating a collage in Adtraction’s collage tool, tracking links are automatically created and added to the collage.

Once logged into the system, follow the following steps:

  1. Choose «Tools» in the left menu.
  2. Click «Create collage».
  3. Choose «Country», «Category» and/or «Program».
  4. Search for products in the search bar, for example «necklace» or a product name such as
    «Lana dress».
  5. Drag the desired products from the search field to the white artboard on the right hand side. Adjust the angle and size of the products according to your preferences.
  6. Feel free to add frames, text, symbols, patterns or emojis from the tabs on the right hand side.
  7. Happy with the result? Click «Create collage». At this point, filters can be added and the collage can be previewed.
  8. In order to complete the collage, click «Next».
  9. If you have used products from advertisers that are not approved to your channel, you will receive a message that tracking links will not be added for these products.
  10. Choose the channel where the collage will be shared.
  11. Choose HTML or JV for the code. Copy the code that appears and paste it into a post.

That’s it – the collage is ready with clickable tracking links!

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