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Traffic error, what does it mean?

Ever noticed a red warning sign in your account and wondered what it means? We’ve got you covered with this article explaining what traffic error means and how to handle it if it occurs.

The red warning means that a traffic error has occurred. This happens when a link or banner connected to your channels experiences some sort of issue.
The report you can access by clicking the warning sign is intended to be a tool to help you troubleshoot errors. Note that you will not in any way be punished for identified errors, the intention is to give you an opportunity to find and fix possible issues.

It does happen that this tool reports false positive errors. An example would be when links and banners are triggered when previewing your blog, as this then happens on a different domain than the one your channel is registered as. In this case the error would not affect your real visitors and can therefore be ignored.

Pressing the warning icon will bring you to Reports → Traffic error where you find more detailed information about the error that has occurred.

This report is available for the past 7 days. Press run report to get a detailed list of every error.

In this example we can see that three errors have occurred. The first row shows a tracking link made for the advertiser Åhlens which has for some reason deeplinked to This will not work as links to the advertiser Åhlens can only deep link to the Åhlens campaign approved domains, and has thus been flagged as an error.

The other rows show tracking links for Kökets box and Åhlens that were intended to be published on, but has been triggered on which will not work as the links for a channel are only intended to be used on that channels domain.

Make sure to contact us in the chat or email if you have any questions regarding traffic errors you have received.

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