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Why work with voucher sites?

33% of consumers in the UK state that they use voucher codes regularly (PerformanceIn, 2015) and the usage of voucher sites in affiliate marketing is increasing. Feel like you are missing out? Read more about voucher sites and how they work in this post.

How do they work?

Voucher sites promote offers and campaigns from a large amount of advertisers. Promotions can include anything from exclusive and general codes to onsite offers.

Voucher sites tend to rank high in search engines and often drive organic traffic from SEO. An additional channel voucher sites use to derive visitors is newsletters – often with large databases of recipients, along with social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What are the advantages of working with voucher sites?

  • Voucher sites have a large audience
  • Visitors at voucher sites are close to carrying out a purchase. In other words, the target groups at voucher sites are more likely to purchase than target groups at other sites. Being present at voucher sites is therefore valuable in the process of winning customers.
  • Voucher sites are specialised in driving customers to carry out a purchase.
  • They have great knowledge about their website visitors. Through continuous analysis and testing they identify which offers work well, which advertisers are popular and sought for and which motivation is required to fulfill a purchase.
  • Voucher sites have a lot of direct traffic to their website with customers who are there with the goal of purchasing.
  • They have a broad audience and great abilities to reach relevant customers for a given advertiser.

Why work with voucher sites?

Influence the purchase

When working with voucher sites, advertisers can influence the purchase of the customers. This is done by aligning the offers with specific goals the advertiser has, for example increasing average order value (AOV). Find three examples on how goals can be aligned with vouchers below.

  • If you want to increase order values:
    «Buy for X £ and enjoy X % / X £ off your purchase.»
  • If you want your customers to buy more products:
    «X £ / X % off the most expensive product».
  • If you want your customer to purchase from a specific brand or product category:
    «X % when purchasing from X product category / X brand.»

Win new customers

According to our experience, strategic work with voucher sites can lead to increased sales and increased customer bases. With voucher site customers being at the end of the buyer journey, voucher sites are useful in the process of winning new clients.

Sell out products

Voucher sites have turned out to be useful when it comes to selling out products you no longer want to have in stock. A general sale can work out well, but it is even better when you are able to influence the purchase, for instance by offering a voucher for purchases within specific product categories.

Control traffic

Voucher sites allow you to «control traffic» with deep links and specific voucher terms. We gave three specific examples above on how advertisers can use vouchers to push specific products and reach their e-commerce goals.

Brand awareness

Large audiences facilitate for increasing or maintaining brand knowledge.

Sales vs. voucher codes

You might ask yourself what the difference would be between working with sales and voucher codes. Online sales are considered the general offers advertisers have at their webshop. Voucher codes on the other hand, are unique offerings reserved for voucher sites in order for them to provide something unique.

So, why not only stick to sales rather than including voucher codes? From a consumer perspective, voucher codes can contribute with increased customer satisfaction. The consumer has done a job to find the voucher and can see the amount being deducted from the order value which increases the perception of joy.

General coupon codes and exclusive coupon codes

The difference between working with general voucher codes and exclusive ones is that exclusive codes receive increased exposure at the sites and hence greater reach. An exclusive code will additionally be marked as exclusive, leading the consumer to perceive the offer as an even bigger privilege – it’s especially for him or her.
Challenges when working with voucher sites
Two common challenges are identified in working with voucher sites. Here, we provide an explanation for which those are, and how we deal with the challenges at Adtraction.

Challenge 1: The customer leaves the shopping cart in order to look for vouchers

In order to work around these issues, an idea can be to adjust the voucher so that it increases the order value in order for the website to earn more on the respective customer. AOV can be reviewed in Adtraction’s system, and used as a basis for increasing the order value. If a voucher site has an AOV of 75 £, the minimum AOV can be set to 100 £ for a voucher that gives 15 % off.

Challenge 2: Voucher codes are spread to websites they are not intended for

In order to work around the issue of codes being spread online, codes can be given more specific names related to the site they are intended for. A more specific name, e.g. «WOWCHER10», makes it less attractive for others to promote. Additionally, Adtraction provides voucher code tracking. This allows us to connect a code with a specific site leaving the respective affiliate to be the only one paid when the voucher is being used.

Interested in finding a suitable voucher site to work with? Contact your local Account Manager, or submit a contact request if you are not already an advertiser at Adtraction.

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