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What happened at Adtraction in 2020

Like many other companies, Adtraction entered the year 2020 with different expectations than what became the reality.

Despite the anticipation of continuing to build success through an ordinary year of person to person interaction via business travel, conferences and special events, we managed in a non-standard way to sustain top line growth. Read more about Adtraction's highlights in our summary below.

Product launches and system improvements

Challenging times forced us to make significant enhancements of our business processes and system features, and we have managed to carry out more successful product launches and system improvements during 2020 than in previous years.

Loan comparison tool

In February, we were excited to announce a brand new loan comparison tool for affiliates. The new powerful feature allows publishers to create dynamic, fully-integrated comparison widgets with ease.

The comparison builder takes on the manual work of collecting and updating data for comparison sites, providing reliable and up-to-date comparisons that can be customised to suit the look and feel of different affiliate sites.

Google Chrome extension v.2

In June, we relaunched Adtraction's Google Chrome extension with notable improvements.

The updated version has integrated Adtraction’s short link functionality which could previously only be found in the system. We also added a powerful search function that allows affiliates to search Adtraction’s full product database.

Google Ads integration

In October, we were thrilled to announce the launch of Adtraction's brand new Google Ads integration.

The new, automated integration gives you the ability to track which Google Ads campaigns are working for your audience, bridging the gap between traffic acquisition and affiliate marketing conversions.

Launch of extra and early payments

Earlier this year, we updated our payment functionality to allow publishers to request extra and pre payments.

Extra payments can be requested in cases where the publisher does not want to wait until the next standard payment and instead create an additional payment whenever you like as soon as you have a sufficient account balance. The payment is made the day after the additional payment has been requested.

Publishers at Adtraction further get the option to get paid for invoiced transactions that the advertiser has not yet paid for. This is a prepayment that can be done once a month against a fee.

You can read more about Adtraction's payment process in this post.

Highly Commended at the International Performance Marketing Awards

The International Performance Marketing awards showcase the best of affiliate marketing, and with the shortlisting in October, it was the first time Adtraction was recognised on a global level.

The award ceremony took place as a virtual ceremony, and we were happy to be recognised as Highly Commended for Best Affiliate Network.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to show appreciation of the work we do. It really means a lot to the whole team to be recognised on an international scale.

New advertiser launches

2020 allowed Adtraction start affiliate programs for a number of new and exciting advertisers. We have listed a few of them below.


HelloFresh is recognised as America's most popular provider of fresh and affordable meal kits. This year, we were pleased to welcome them to Adtraction.

The program is available in Sweden and Denmark.


Beautycos has a large selection of skin, hair, perfume and makeup products. Besides providing a great selection of brands, the store makes a conscious effort to ensure that orders are processed as efficiently as possible.

The program is available in the UK, Germany, Denmark and Norway.


With the mission of making shaving a bit more convenient, and a lot more affordable, Estrid offers female-focused razors and flexible razor plans.

The program is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK.


Eleven is one of the leading beauty stores in the Nordics, offering a broad product range across the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian market.

The program is available in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The complete overview of available advertisers in your local market can be found on Adtraction’s home page and in our system.

A successful November and Black Friday

We are happy to share that November has been a record breaking month for Adtraction, and we are glad to see our advertisers succeed with online sales even though a lot has changed significantly in a very short period of time.

Stay tuned for a compilation in January of this year’s Black Friday trends.

Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to all affiliates, advertisers and agency partners for being part of this somewhat different year. We remain positive for the year ahead, and hope you do the same.

Everyone at Adtraction wishes you a Merry Christmas and a cheerful holiday!

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